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Oakley Witch

Hey everyone.

Very quick question here...What are you sowing in the greenhouse just now? Or, if your not sowing, what can be sown now?

Now is a good time to sow biennials.

I'm about to sow native foxgloves and some other biennials from leftover seed which may still be viable.

My project for the weekend is to go round the garden digging up (for growing on) self seeded foxgloves and evening primrose which pop up all over the place. Later I shall plant them in more appropriate positions.



It's too hot in the greenhouse for anything I sow. 

Oakley Witch

Too hot Nut? Thanks Lordswood. Im off to the garden centre later to get some new seeds 



I find to start plants in the greenhouse then move them up to the allotment rather than sow seeds direct up there ( other than carrots and parsnips ), anyway in the nursery i have just start some more beetroot, baby leeks, and tenderstem broc.



Time to sow biennials, bit early for wallflowers. get a tray of salad leaves, in. Pak choi. Start Kale plants to go in gaps when broad bean plants have finished.

Oakley Witch

Got my salads in and peas, beans, broccolli and onions.


Maybe it will too hot in your greenhouse Oakley Witch, but I live in the middle of a wood and my greenhouse is in partial shade for much of the day, so that didn't occur to me.


Oakley Witch

Ahh, ok. Thats fine then cause one is in full sun, other is in the shade of a tree so it is cooler than the first one. Just picked up some Foxglove Parviflora 'Milk Chocolate' which looks interesting and some white Delphiniums 'Galahad' Its raining here so I will be in the greenhouse this afternoon 

Oakley Witch wrote (see)

Too hot Nut? Thanks Lordswood. Im off to the garden centre later to get some new seeds 

When I said too hot I meant it can get too hot, not that it has got too hot this year

I use a plastic GH at this time of year to sow seeds in. It's open during the day and closed at night   

It could be too late now but a couple of weeks ago I sowed beetroot, chad, kohl, swede and radish.  Mooli can be sown now for an autumn crop.

Srawberry seeds, Foxglove, Bellis, Sweet William, Wall Flower and Holly Hock can be sown now for next year.

hollie hock

Perfect time to sow biennuals........wallflowers, foxgloves, sweet williams, sweet rocket. I'm thinking great time to sow any perennials as well.

I've found if you collect seeds off the ragged robin once they are ready and sow them straight off the plant they germinate quickly and you can have the 2nd generation in the ground before winter ready for next year

If you sow your biennials now...

... these are plants which will go out before the first frost, giving them time to develop a root system and be itching to grow in spring... weeks before anything sown on a window ledge in February, March or April......and biennials flower in their second year...I sow them as next years annual bedding plants... 


flowering rose

I have sown wallflowers,lupins and for-get-me nots ,also foxgloves .

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