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We have a lot of goldfinches nesting in our pine trees. Do you have pine trees, Garden Girl? Apparently they like to feed on the pine seeds.

If, perchance, you also have pine trees nearby, LeadFarmer, you may find they will nest there eventually. I believe they also love nigella seed if you want to attract them in. We have a feeder containing nigella and they have become very bold over the years for the shy birds that they are.



Didn't do a lot in my garden today, kept raining this afternoon. Planted out courgettes, cucumbers, squash and the rest of the runner beans. Did some weeding. Went to dentist this morning and made strawberry jam. Didn't rain this morning of course.


Wow, you made strawberry jam at the dentist. Excellent

There nest is in a lilac tree with some honey suckle mixed in but there is a fir cone tree in the garden and I do have feeders for them


LeadFarmer, you know that's not what I meant!! But I could have done as my son is the dentist.


Been up station painting fence Somerset green Cuprinol shades took ages to do and need to do bit more yet to finish it and then a lot of watering from water butt plants in garden



Evening sun.

Dusk chorus.

dozed off.

end of a long day!


Didn't rain today, amazing. Planted 3 big troughs and 2 pots with gazanias, petunias, rudbeckia Tiger Eye and snapdragons and 1 trough with pink flowered Toscana strawberries. Finished planting the oval bed (annuals in gaps between perennials) and finished weeding the big herbaceous border. Got out a whole barrowload of goosegrass.


I'm sure you deserved the rest - and the doze Wintersong, all the work you must do with such a beautiful garden and an allotment!

I had a slow start - intending to prune my rather neglected plum tree. Then I remembered I needed to go shopping. By the time I got back I was starving... So after a late lunch, and some fiddling around trying to get a nice photo (!) of the peonies that have started to bloom I eventually started on the tree.

I have been planning this particular pruning job since well before Christmas. (Keep reading coz there's a gardening tip coming up)

I kept getting caught out over the timing for pruning plum trees because I used to think all pruning is done in Winter when you can more easily see the branches. But of course, Silverleaf can attack plums in Winter (I think?) so you have to make those vital pruning decisions  when everything is covered with foliage In the summer.

So I had an idea.

Tip: I thought: what if I marked all the most obvious pruning cuts with white paint while the tree is bare? Then when I prune in June a lot of my decisions will be waiting for me - marked on the bark.

So I did that, and today it seems to have paid off. I found that as I 'got my eye in' the white paint showed up and ... chop chop, snip snip, saw saw and daylight appeared so much quicker than in past years.

Although it is only a medium sized tree it is taking time because I still have to take care, but there are two big piles of twigs and branches already, and I am only about a third way through.

This is long awaited remedial pruning and I expect I am breaking some 'the rules' with the amount I'm taking off, but two years ago the fruit, although small, was so heavy in its hundreds, that branches broke because they were long and thin through missed pruning.

I hope to finish tomorrow (Oh! Today!) and I will then post photos   (I've got to keep trying!) of before and after.


Lovely tip Birdy13! Thankyou


Shaded greenhouse - sun fierce 28°C outside GH. Continued pruning Victoria Plum, stopping for lunch.

Sounds good birdy13, me been doing more fence painting up station now finished that but still lots to do yet, also a plant arrived today in the post a Trachelospermum Jasminoides so so will be planting some when

Potted up toms into big air pots. All seeds germinated so I ended up with too many plants again. I potted up a dozen and hope to find good homes for the rest. Also extended the watering system to cope with the extra pots and had to shuffle everything round to make room. Brought my strawberry troughs in to the greenhouse too to keep the birds off and ripen the fruit earlier.



Four barrow loads of weeds, one from the precipitous bank of a pond. I've never fallen in but it's only a matter of time. I was going to plantsome Nicotians affinis there but that will have to wait til tomorrow. Whilst down there Inoticed that Dicentra macrocapnos (or whatever i'm calling it now) has survived the hardships of this last winter. The water level was so high it must have been inundated but it's growing away beautifully.

I'll get the nicotiana in first thing tomorrow before thenext 4 barrow loads


My legs are stiff now. Working ona slope is hard going


Know exactly what you mean nut! 

Face the other way tomorrow...


Separated my fast growing Clematis Dr Rupel from a mature clump of Eremurus with a piece of trellis and tied the trellis to the arch this morning before work.

It's part of my plan to move the clematis at an appropriate time of year with the least disturbance because it really isn't happy where it is. Mrs Bateman on the other side of the arch is going nuts but the Doctor's having none of it. Every year it's leaves scorch and last year we lost its entire top growth due to wind damage, hence why its had to start a fresh this year.

Eremurus will get divided post flowering. Last year I counted 21-22 flower stems but this year's efforts seem much less. I hope the division goes well, they resent disturbance but they are also getting a wee bit crowded and I have had this particular Woolworths offering for fifteen years so...sounds about right


 Last year's offering that I suspect will not be repeated this year...

First thing in the morning I'm off to water the allotment plants as we don't even have mulch in our first year but at least I have the day off. Woot