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Well, that pic doesn't look like 21 flower spikes.

I just counted them in the other pictures I've got and its about 17-18. Dunno how I remember it as more but ho was first really grand display I had out of this plant anyhow



After cool start weather came out fine again. Cut back lawns, cleared massive quantity of prunings from the Victoria Plum. Completely filled builders - the type used to deliver 1 ton of shingle. Amazingly I could still lift it Into the car! 

I'm expecting great fruiting now, if not this year then next.





(Amazing - photos are right way up! 


Nice job birdy

That's an impressive eremurus Ws. How long did it take to produce that many spikes?

The potty gardener

Well done Birdy- looks like you've got how to post pics. That looks like a whole lot of prunings



I'm reading this thread backwards tonite. Just got to Bev's garden, wonderful.

and John's roller. The old'ns are the best


Today, I did a load more weeding, cut grass on edges of walls, put in support for the peas, watered some pots and weedkilled the drive.


Wintersong, Dr Ruppel is worth looking after, its my favourite Clematis. I feared mine was suffering a few weeks ago put its growing nicely now.

Spent all day ridding my sons garden of longstanding overgrown Ivy. Came home and did half an hours watering before watering myself with a G and T.

nutcutlet wrote (see)

Nice job birdy

That's an impressive eremurus Ws. How long did it take to produce that many spikes?


The eremurus started life as one of those dried up little bulbs in a plastic bag many years ago. I can't exactly remember how many years but it has also travelled around my garden a little bit to find a decent spot, thus my errors added to its lacklustre existence.

It only started flowering about four years ago with a single spike. Then three the year after. Then 6-7 and then it went nuts with the nearly twenty flower spikes. By now it was placed in the correct position and loving it.

The bulb heads are now quite a lot bigger than the thing I bought in the packet, so much like peonies, they get fatter with age.


Worth waiting for Wintersong.


Thejazz, welcome to the forum. I wish you could come and rid my garden of longstanding, overgrown ivy.


oh Sounds like I'm not the only one who detests overgrown ivy... well I'm about to head into the garden today to dig up the robinia frisia that I planted last year and has given up the ghost! and to plant a new one. then I'll mow the lawn and hope this sea fret burns back to reveal the blue stuff! Happy Gardening

hollie hock

Had a lovely time this afternoon, pointed on a few bits and pieces, everything is putting on growth. One of the morning glories has gone in it had started to attach itself to the frame. Still wondering where on earth I'm going to put the all the nasturtians. New bag of compost has been bought and put down the first of the pee gravel on the path

I like the yellow eremurus Wintersong, not seen or heard of it before. Sounds liek y

Great picture Birdy, I love walled gardens





mowing day. I decided that I should take over the pushmowing as my waistline in more in need of reduction. OH did the ride on. I'm knackered but I'm sure it was good for me.



Holliehock - that's a hedged garden, unfortunately a gradually dying hedge - going brown with the dreaded mite that kills leandii.

But I do have a wall - you can see a bit of it on the Garden Gallery thread (page 38) showing off my clematis.

Hi all went to a garden show on Sunday so brought lots of plants, which I arranged yesterday in the garden then planted out after a few places of deciding where to put them.

Been seed sowing today with a few wild flower seeds I brought,  indoors as wet out and in leg muscle pain from all that walking around the show


Just found this thread (doh smiley)

Am growing eremurus for first time this year and am really chuffed that I have a flower spike. can't remember what colour though

have had  GH day, sowing seeds, (wallflowers, lettuce) Potting on some plants grown from seed and potting some shoots with tiny roots off an Astrantia I demolished yesterday (by accident)


I finished planting my pots, done it in stages as the old violas were still looking pretty. Then I weeded and filled in gaps with annuals.


Started hardening off all my potted up plugs. Snapdragons still too tender to plant out. Not sure whether some of them got a bit windburnt . A lot of the begonias are still very small and underdeveloped. They were poor quality when they were delivered. I suspect  their rooting systems were no good from the start.

Emptied old hanging baskets and garden pots, sieved out the weeds and spread the spent compost as a mulch in less visited part of the garden.

I have some questions about spent compost from old pots. It's about after I have sieved out most of the old roots -  the sieve is usually full of  'microhairs" which I take to be left over from the old rooting systems of what grew there.

I am in two minds   as to whether I should keep the microhair content to add structure  to the the soil (is that right?) or ...

should I dispose of the compost in case the microhairs are from the weeds that grew over winter and might regenerate?

Q If they are from weeds can the weeds regenerate  from even broken up microhair rooting systems?

Planted out some Verbena Patchwork (16 plants) into much larger pots. Flowers have already appeared on a few of the plants. Will photograph in a day or two once they've developed a bit more.

Washed out the 16 pots for re-use  (looking for my halo!)