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^I know what you mean.... I hope your saffron cakes are as perfect...


I weeded, sowed some carrots, pinched out my sweet peas, potted up some chillis and peppers, went to the garden centre, bought a variagated buddleja, some kennedy irish primsoses and some creeping phlox, and planted them out. Watered in well cause it's been dry as anything up in newcastle recently (so much so i'll only seen 2 slugs all year). 

Oh and i burnt my head in the sun.. must remember the cream tommorow!


Im doing lots of landscaping to the bottom of my garden. Today I dug out for a new path wich will consist of a circular cobbled paved area in the centre. 

Heres before..


 And now..


 It takes some nerve changing something that already looked acceptable, but I really like the idea of having a circular cobbled area like this random google image shows..


 But im making life harder for myself as Im going to plant the large box ball shown in the top photo into the centre of it, and then take a path off the circle and upto the greenhouse.



Nice idea LF. A garden (or perhaps a gardener) needs a change sometimes

Like all the photos on here - Not  done much in garden just sorting out seedlings really


Cut the grass and finished adding the hard core ready to finish off my path through the garden I am using reclaimed brick so far every one who has seen it says I love your path so I must be doing a good job! 


BL, That looks a lovely border. Whats the large plant towards the front?

Monty, sounds good, any photos please?


It's a campanula, Kent Bell. Three years ago the deer were eating lots of my plants and they nearly finished that one off. Then my OH fenced the main bit of flower garden and the Kent Bell just re-appeared last year, quite small. Now it's huge!

There is some wire netting just behind that bed which you can just see a bit of. It is on a wall which drops down behind it. The garden is on a slope which is terraced by walls, but it doesn't show much in photos.


Thanks BL, thats another plant added to my shopping list

The potty gardener

Some great photos on here. Just a couple of days away and so much catching up to do.

Well today I filled bird feeders planted out some plants and took some cuttings

Anyone been up to anything in the garden today?


...I've been pulling out some horse tail weed - great job that... what a weed, I wish I could fall in love with it...

put up some trellis for sweet peas I'm getting tomorrow.... and planted up the most expensive plant I've ever bought but wouldn't recommend anyone else do the same... Daphne 'Eternal Fragrance'.... supposedly flowers all summer but the scent doesn't carry - you have to stick your nose in... makes a nice hedge apparently... I'm growing it in a pot...





I didn't do anything in the garden today! Went shopping, made 2 cakes, did pile of ironing, watched "Escape to the Country". It rained.



Tulips are splendid, fresh bark on all the borders and finally my hostas are showing...phew.




Same picture twice because I was trying to upload the type that expands when you click on it, to no avail.


The problem is with the GW site that won't let photos expand. If you upload a photo from something like photobucket or picasa it will expand.


Coffee break! Phew, it is blowing a Hoolie! 

TODAY I 'ave bin mostly.....battening down the hatches, secured pots. Soaked them with water too. Moved bits 'n' bobs I don't want to end up in next county, eg compost lid, empty plastic pots and watering cans. Tied in wisteria and rambling rose. Now untangling my hair!