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Cut the grass,staked all the greenhouse tomatoes & planted out two new alpine containers.It,s been such a beautiful day,taking advantage of it.


Swore at whatever chomped on my tomato seedlings ; covered them with wirenetting and closed tomato house, covered raised bed with fleece, took tumbling toms, butternut and cucumber seedlings back inside, snow forecast for Friday!!!!!!!


I've been unwell for the last ten days...just some lingering flu-like bug that zapped all my, the question really is, What needs to be done in my garden today?

  • Mowing the lawn and strimming the edges.
  • cutting the path edges.
  • Transferring over wintered perennials from my veg beds into the borders.
  • Sowing a ton of seeds which are still sitting in their packets.
  • Stirring the compost bins.
  • Finish laying the bark chips on most borders to preserve water.
  • Some tying in and a spot of pruning back on rampant climbers.
  • Weeds!!!!!!!
  • The Chelsea chop of course.
  • Having a cup of tea when the sun does make an appearance.


There, I feel exhausted now just listing the jobs I haven't done yet. Oh well, at least a late Spring has kept things in reasonable order and there's always tomorrow


The potty gardener

Not just tomorrow Wintersong but many after that-

Lets hope you can do the last on your list tomorrow

Wintersong what a busy day! Stirring compost sounds interesting do you have a special tool for that ?



I haven't done any of those jobs Aliesh, just listed what needs doing.

The lawn is a mess..oh dear. Just thinking about it makes me sad. I like tidy! Grrr

I use a garden fork to stir my compost and occasionally the sheers if I have a lot of long, light carbon as its useful to chop it up a bit.


At least you are organised.  Be nice when those jobs are done.  A list is something I write too...very satisfying as you tick each one off

The potty gardener

Lists are great but.. I often have to add something I have done but had forgotten to put on the list. I can then tick it off.


I hope you are feeling better Wintersong.

I've just lost 5 days because of heavy rain, but today was cloudy but dry. Beds too wet to work on so potted up 6 troughs and a pot with petunias, gazanias, geraniums (not all in the same pot!) Will do osteospermums tomorrow and, hopefully, a load more weeding. Still have about 18 more pots to do but they have violas that are still flowering well.


Bev- I do that too!

Done nothing outdoors today but did a lot the previous two- cut grass, did my painted pot and put phormium in-( took half an hour to get it out of the pot it was in )put wires and vine eyes on fence, potted up the little 'Christmas tree' the girls bought last year, lifted daffodils for putting elsewhere, tidied all the polyanthus and potted them, tidied/weeded the border at side of house, planted some heucheras, sowed some lettuce and potted on basil.

Having a lie down.


I was determined to get outside today and actually got up feeling mostly my old self, so the grass got its much needed cut and the edges were neatly strimmed.

A wee bit of weeding also occurred and after some path edging that kind of did me in a bit, I tidied some areas and re-arranged a planting area that just wasn't convincing me.

Two pots of tea and one downpour later I'm putting my feet up but at least it looks tidy now.

Those seeds will just have to wait or else I'll end up cheating and buy plugs


Given up today as a bad job,pouring with rain ,and strong gusty winds.Until I can move some plants out of the greenhouse,not much more I can do in there,

Would have done some cutting down but the bushes would not stay still enough in the wind even if I had managed to dodge the rain showers.

Few more plants went in, staked garden peas, mulched the rows between carrots, onions, Beetroot,etc. and sprayed dilute milk around my tomatoes.  ( this gives,them a nice creamy taste;  did this last year but used vinegar to,give a tangy taste.  Next year,I will spray with chocolate)

Got heleniums still to put out but not quite sure where to put them's hiding their awful foliage that's making it difficult


Are you serious Verdun?

I did some weeding, planted up an trough and a big pot and planted a rather dry bed with 20 gazanias, not Verdun's sort of thing, but gazanias are meant to be OK in dry places and that bit is so dull. It is in sun.

Did a small bit of Chelsea chop on the red campion as I thought I would see if it would work on that and - so I could have some indoors to enjoy as well




Hiya busy lizzie

I love gazanias.  They are hardy for me flowering a bit during the winter and a couple of orange ones are now almost in full flower again.  Suns out and gazanias are out

Course I'm serious!  They're things the old guys used to do on the allotments.  For runner beans stop slugs....I cook and liquidise potatoes and spread this at the base of the plants. It gives them a sort of beans n mash taste. Old proven methods.

Very nice gardengirl.  

Good idea Gg i might try that on my campion i have lots dotted about in wild areas on my allotment. Would love the white one, maybe will try ang get for next year.

I have been doing my hanging baskets in between  showers  had several tea breaks!

Planted clematis on new pagola on allotment made by my  OH  was pleasently surprised by his attempt, he made it from scrap posts and wood  so it's rustic looking which i like. It was originally made by my late father in law several years ago, and his ashes will be spead there soon. when i returned home from allotment my honeysuckle had arrived in post, this is for other side of pergola


Campion is one of those plants I always look for at the GC but haven't found yet.

Diddly squat in the garden today even though I tried several times to get outside, it just started raining...heavily...coldly...again...and again.


Got nothing done outside due weather but did buy some compost, alpines, gravel trays and trellis and paint - all ready for my bank holiday weekend jobs!