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FG, you are at your strongest, age wise, just keep on doing things like building fences and you will remain strong! I can still climb up scaffold towers, because I don't stop doing it. In fact I wish I had space to have a permanent climbing frame in the garden.


Wintersong - I know what you mean about decisions - 'indecisive' is my middle name ... at times ... or sometimes... (or was it 'uncertain' - I'm not sure)

But seriously, would you really prefer to have no choices left to make? There's a lovely  story about someone who loved painting murals using water-based paint on the outside of his house.

He was asked by one of those people who likes life ito be based totally on certainties: "But doesn't that mean when the rains come you have to start all over?"

The first man replied "My life is about "forever creating', yours is about 'creating forevers'.

I bet I know which you would really prefer. (Oops! I think I was just a bit certain there...)


A climbing frame would be an item of horror in my garden, hate heights. The gutters on my house need cleaning!


I spend a lot of time waiting for 'the right place' for a plant and they sit around in pots waiting and I have to keep watering them. Most of them can be moved if I get it wrong so why don't I just plant them.

Haven't started out there yet today. Had a visitor first thing with a rescued slow worm. We had to admire it for a while, discuss the best part of the garden to release it, let it go and watch it for a while. Have a coffee. Talk a bit more. So here I am on my lunch break with nothing done 

I do like your story Birdie. I'll stick with forever creating. More appropriate for a gardener.

I visited a garden that had its forevers created. Everything was as it always had been but cut back to fit. Looked really naff.



That must have been hard work marinelillium. 


Lot of watering today. Yesterday  I took some friends on a visit to Chatsworth gardens.  I nearly cracked up when some american visitors went "Oh my Gaawd look at that"  My thoughts exactly. They were looking at the Emperor fountain. I was looking at the clothes the americans were wearing.

That sounds a good idea don't have room for one of those - prob fall out of it anyway


GGirl- are you referring to the hammock or the fountain.....

Fidgetbones- nothing surprises me about our dear American friends any more. Who was it said we were 'two nations divided by a common language'? I remember hearing two young Americans  in Italy remarking in loud voices 'oh my gawd- there's a gelato store - like on every corner'......

I rest my case.

Birdy- brilliant story - I think I fall into the first category. Once I've done something I move onto the next project.


Chatsworth is looking very nice at the moment. Bluebells, azaleas and daffs still out.

I went with a jacket expecting it to be cold and ended up carrying it. Sunny and 21C

They got rid of the pile of  scrap metal around the emperor fountain lake. It damaged the grass, but a bit more rain and it'll be all right. Oh sorry , did I say scrap metal? It was supposed to be Art.   All it did was ruin the view.

I had a friend who went to live in California.  I went to visit and we sat in the jacuzzi  at their condo, nattering away in broad Mansfield.  A bloke got in and looked at us with a quizzical expression on his face. Eventually he leaned over and said  slowly,  "DO , YOU, SPEAK, ENGLISH?"    As we fell about laughing I explained.   "We speak English,  You speak American"




Ha, ha, I liked the bit about the americans, if I want to the US, I'd probably be saying Aw my gawd, a McDonalds, and on every corner, that's awsome! Mind you, the way McD is spreading here, don't need to go to the US!

Worked hard today, weeding, cutting grass edges, some planting out, finally decided to sow my runner beans, if they don't come up, well try, try, try again! Also planted out my two butternuts. OH has been hacking and digging to try and get the dead bamboo roots out, which have spread at least 8 meters each way along the fence. Fortunately there is also a concrete wall about a foot high between us and the neighbour so thank goodness didn't go across to them as well. Took us over a year chopping down and spraying every little new shoot with glyphosate to kill it. Dreadful stuff, never again!


Betty Brown Eyes

This morning started out so warm and sunny again didnt it?, I pegged out the washing, planted out my beans against their wigwam, swept the patio, took Stan out (my dog, see photo) for a walk in the woods, then took my daughter and boyfriend to Leeds to catch their train to London,had some lunch, drove home, brought the washing in, then got changed to cut the lawn and it started to rain,Noooo!! Goddamn british weather!! Maybe I'll get it done after tea!!

Fairygirl I am referring to the hammock, prob would try get in it if I had room for one which I don't but - it would chuck me out and the only area which has trees would be where the pond is - which needs re doing liner some when think I would keep to a seat and table

I have been doing a small bit of watering as in my seed trays putting them in another tray to soak up the water

I sowed my runner and french beans direct as seeds yesterday with wigwams in place all within 1m square normally grow them as plant in root trainer but thought I would see about direct sowing them instead

hollie hock

I can relate to indesciveness as to where to things should go, I can spend quite a while positioning pots all over the beds before they finally go in. Once they are in I usually think I could do with more of them. I always plant in odd numbers though. I do a lot of looking and pointing in the garden, it's amazing how time goes

Rescued a couple of slow worms over the last week, the cats have brought them home. They did bring some home which look as if they have been cut in two, more likely casulties from next doors mower

Nothing done today apart form tucking everything in from the rain



Spent morning in garden planting  out sweet pea seedlings.  Have kept some in green house just in case.

Spent afternoon at Bridgemere Garden World buying plants to go in by front wall.  Now need good weather to plant them after numerous placings

I to have moved plants around the garden in there pots untill going to plant them, wondering where to put my black grass plant can't make up my mind

Aliesh and Wintersong would you like seeds of white campion as I have some from last year?  You could message me your address and I will sort some out or go onto our seed swap page

Victoriajane - make sure you take photos if you can it helps to look from a different view of your plants that is what I did when planting in the front garden


Lovely to hear my indecisiveness is the norm for us gardening folks!

Lovely fable Birdy13 and one I shall remember!

Although, I had a moment today...only a moment...but it was worth it.

I had rushed out this morning ready to rip another wrongly placed plant out of its hole from yesterday when suddenly a thought struck me and my problem aspect was solved and why didn't I think of that before? It was the most obvious choice ofc...and then I seemed to get carried away and wow, all of a sudden I had three plants in the ground with complete satisfaction!

So, I'll be content with painting small murals that get ruined by the rain whilst the structure and bigger plants get on with thie jobs of providing height and winter interest and everyone will be happy


As for some white campion seeds from Gardengirl...thank you so much! How very kind of you. I am delighted at the prospect and shall leave my address in your pms.


Nutcutlet, I am happy to report the rigorous hammock test is ready for publication. 

RESULT. Passed

The hammock I started the test in is like a string bag and hugs you tightly (in fact diamond shaped lumps of me extruded between the holes like a salami before a blanket was put in first). When the Liquidamber shaded me I moved to the "mobile" hammock; a hammock on a frame - with a handy book and sun lotion pocket on the foot end. My looney lurcher tried, unsuccessfully,to share this with me and he is a comfort connoisseur!

The framed ones came from John Lewis about ten years ago and live most of their time rolled around the frame poles in the garage. BUT THE SUN CAME OUT!

All back in the garage today. 



A good days work done Marinelilium. 

Back in the garage for several days I think. Like the rest of the garden furniture