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I took advantage of the fine weather over the last three days, weeded the flowerbeds, moved the erica and fern, mowed, aerated and fertilised the lawn and potted sun flowers for ouside together with LO, which LO has managed to germinate and grow indoors


Tonight I will be mostly.....on a slug safari. Torch, brine bucket and prowling about in wet foliage. 


We gardeners do lead an exciting life.

Here is the link they were talking about on Beechgrove see how many plants you have in the garden that are good for bees

Think I need to do that with the slugs seem to have got a stripy one that nematodes are not working on and large ones horrible in the compost bin it is really wet here today but not doing that today would just get ill er

Nutcutlet - just watching a bird out window - think it is digging for worms with it's beak


Rain is like a refresh on the Internet. My garden is looking splendid today.



nothing today as throwing it down with rain..

yes your right wintersong.. i find the garden looks to bright and fresh in the rain.

spent the last 3 days in the garden as glorious hot sunshine all weekend.. neigbours had BBQ on sunday and the otherside had one yesterday.. honestly a little bit of sn and they all go aussie style on us..


I did nothing in the garden today Rained. Friends came for lunch. Defrosting the little freezer. Already did the big one.


Worked in the studio most of today, stepped outside between showers to see broad beans finally putting on some growth. Herbs are doing very well, cut a big handful of origano to add to a poaching chicken, alliums are starting to flower.


Last year's oregano had grown much too leggy, woody last year, and it had almost taken over, so I dug up (I thought) about 95% of it to make room for something new this year.

I went round the garden today and found it had thanked me for the hard thinning out by producing beautiful new, lush, low lying growth of new plants with a terrific smell and flavour. Oregano, with the soft flossy fronds of young fennel, makes a lovely addition to the salads we can start to enjoy now we have a summer (!*!*!*!) ( Am I being a bit rash tempting providence like that?)


i took the courgette plants out of the GH this morning and put them back tonight.


I've had my courgettes out in their final posish for a week or so; hardened them off well before that, they are only putting on growth at a very slow rate but they are surviving.


If I had a final position they'd be in it by now artjak. I've always got too many plants for available space. It's big garden but there's not much planting space left. weeds to clear, drain pipe to be run through first and so on.


Absolutely NOWT. Rained all this afternoon sat and pondered about changes for next year...bigger garden needed!


Visited GH to check watering needed for my 180 odd potted up plant plugs of snapdragons, verbena and two types of Begonia.

None of them needed water.  This evening did same: pots still damp without further watering after a day without sunshine. Very different from last two days when they needed watering twice a day.


Nothing done in garden - went to nursery and then to get sand and more wood for fence...

Weather not great this afternoon anyway but to be better tomorrow so more fence posts ....

Plants got a helluva watering here yesterday!


Evening all not much outside been raining most of the day and have been doing a bit of seed swapping on the other thread

Most getting the wet then


What did the slugs and snails do in my garden tonight?

The path was littered with them walking home after work, so I dashed straight out the back in the dark to dab a few pellets in the nooks and crannies of my hostas, Kniphofia, Eremurus, Gypsophila and Sisyrinchium and under my Ivy mounds. There was even a huge snail just about to tuck into one of my hosta Patriots until I stamped on him, ha!


Planted out some sunflowers grown from sead. Chelsea chopped my seedums.


Day off and sunny weather makes for time at me and my Dad's allotment.

A lot of digging to do, weeding, soil conditioning and bed shaping.

We've missed a lot of sowing times for the summer crops now but its been so cold any-hows. I've got some stuff growing at home that can be shared if the soil is ready in time but I'd rather take 6mths to prep for next year's growing season that rush the job anyways.

It's not a bad site in respect to the weeds, Dandelions ofc and a little Bindweed but not massively overgrown and the soil seems decent if a little starved. Just need to dig it over while I still can. We also inherited a shed which is handy and have a supply of horse manure to boot, so, here's to next years harvests! Cheers


It's cold and wet herein the Fens, so all the things on my list (mow lawn etc) may have to wait.