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Nothing - sorry ,couldn't't resist 

Pam LL x

LOL! I don't even know if my pictures were sent Pam! For some reason i had a lot of trouble downloading my pics, and whn i did finally manage to get them i had an equal amount of trouble posting them.

Want to see if i can send you a pic or two ? I really am ignorant on this kinda stuff! 

Have you an e mail address? It will be easier that way! 

Kev x 


Downloading pics takes some time. You have to wait at each stage. Then they don't appear on your post as you would expect, but when some colour from the phots appears and stops moving you can post it.

Thanks. ok. will try again later.



If you're struggling with the pix kevvo - can you describe the problem instead?

well it is all so VERY slow Pam. But i will try later and see if i can do it propery this time. Now that you have explained things i will be more patient!

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