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Hi has anybody any idea of what this cacooc is in my allotment shed,im hopeing its warm enough for it to suvive,iv just put an old carpet down to try to keep it a bit warmer 

 any ideas
is it friend or foe ,thought id just show you all mi shed tied down were on a bit of a hill in a field ,really WINDY here in Tenby no snow  tho


themommoment  tho,




Jean Genie

Alan - looks like a chrysalis of some form to me  - It might a butterfly or a pretty moth.

I could possibly be wrong though but I wouldn't worry about keeping it warm , they usually survive regardless.

flowering rose

I think i am not certain its a moth or butterfly,it will be fine as long as it is not disturbed.I had one in the greenhouse once and if I rightly recall it became a big green caterpillar,then a butterfly obviously.nice garden you have there the other side of the Severn.I am on hill going the other way ,Down.looks a nice big garden good Idea raised beds.anyhow its blowing a cold blast here too!!


It's a butterfly or moth chrysalis -this site says that some varieties of blue and brown butterflies overwinter as chrysalids - it'll emerge when the weather warms up - can you leave a door or window open so it can find it's way out easily - it'll need a source of nectar or sugar syrup - info here


Flowering rose - nearly right - sequence is caterpillar then chrysalis or cocoon then imago (adult insect) 



Forget all that moth/butterfly rubbish Alan-it is definitely one of these-be afraid ,be very afraid....................



SOTO STRIKES AGAIN !!!!OH NO NOT ANOTHER ALIEN I HAD ONE LAST WEEK  IN NORWICH,,AND dovefromabove iv left the kettle and coffee and t and suger for it just in case and if this grows up and eats all my plants an that its all your lots  fault right wonder if it,ll need a pillow 2nite 

im gon Alan


Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!! I'm running away, screaming.

Allotment is looking good, all ready to go.


Oooh, which alien did you come across in Norwich Alan?  Was it one I know?


Oh and yes, pillow, duvet and electric blanket 

Gardening Grandma

If you leave a window open for it now,  Alan, the shed 'll take off!


AND where am i going to get the ELECTRIC from fa the blanket on mi allotment then DOVE, sorry candle candle power only at the moment 



OK then, hotwater bottle, but you'll have to go out about midnight with a fresh one 


you can always go for 12 volt heating


Sometimes i dont believe  u lot


What??? Are you not taking us seriously??? 



Don't over do might cook whatever it is and then you'll never know... 


Commmme onnnnn Alan4711, WE are your friends and are trying to help whatever monster you are nurturing in your shed!!

Do keep us posted, the nation waits with bated can tell that we are bored with this weather and rearing to get in the garden!


i dont know how you lot are with your weather  but believe this or not the SUN has actualy bin shining since 7 this morning ,i nearly did,nt recicnise it and in it its actualy warm, BUT out  of it in the shade  its freezing again,, and the shed monster still sleeps but im redy fo im  Alan

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