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Pennine Petal
Ha Ha, makes me sound like a stalker. Must change the cakes avatar, put it up for Easter and haven't got around to changing it yet.

I must get a new garden thermometer!!! Will one of you remind me please, next time I go to the GC?

Pennine Petal
Wow Wintersong you are so organised. I always planned to be more organised, but never quite get there somehow. I did once do a plan of the garden in the different seasons when I was going to move house, but then it all fell through. I wonder where that went.

What is happening here?????

What is this all about????

What a load of petty minded individuals on any forum.

What does it matter, gardening knowledge is gardening knowledge and that is what we are suppose to be on this or any other forum for. 

A bit of fun on the way, yes

I joined for knowledge and help. and i have had a lot of advice, and all that I have asked, I hope I have helped others as well

I am now going back to GARDENING

Sod the lot of you

I received a PM today which I to felt  unsettling - Linda

Pennine Petal
Dove, when are you going, I will try to remember! You know what my memory is like though.


Pennine Petal
Evening Linda, how's your garden doing at the mo, we have now redirected this thread into a what's happening in your garden. Much more interesting.
My sister popped over yesterday - I live on the southern side of Dartmoor, she's on the west.
She said my garden's a good couple of weeks ahead of hers, i.e. most of my daffs are out, snowdrops over, tulip buds showing colour. But I possibly have the advantage of the microclimate of a walled garden, with its granite storage heaters!
Pennine Petal
Lucky you Fig, I would love a walled garden. Mine is quite an open hillside and can get quite windy.
Oakley Witch

Rosa. So did I. I dont know who it is that needs disowned but daft is all I will say!

SO....(I do like my 3 little dots incase no one has noticed) hehe

I too use facecloth for advertising for my business and it has been great for that.

My garden is looking great. All the brambles and nettles are dug out, retaining wall will be built in a couple of weeks...a couple more wee jobs to do regarding hard landscaping and we are a GO

No snow here for about 10 days now. Still a bit chilly at night mind but doing well. Seeds are coming on, bug hotels being made and homemade dragonflies are clear coated and will be homed in the garden in the next week 


  This was before...

And this was the lat pic I took. Will get a new one in the next couple of days to let you see my progress until now

 Its not a great one and since this was taken there has been more beds made...turf laid and raised veg planters made

Pennine Petal wrote (see)
Dove, when are you going, I will try to remember! You know what my memory is like though.

Well, there's a Wyevale very close to my office, and OH works next door to Notcutts - I have to go very close most days 

Pennine Petal
I'm surprised you aren't bankrupt Dove.

How much left to do Sam?

OH gets a staff discount and the Notcutts staff get the same at his place 

Oakley Witch

Retailing wall, turf removal and dig a bed over. Oh, and a second arch coming into the garden with a small fence to keep OH new furface in the garden lol


Wintersong - I keep a garden diary (have always kept it a deep, dark secret, due to the unmerciless abuse I get from my family for it - but there you go - secret's out!).  We are also at least a month behind this year.

GW said that spring would come with a rush - but have just seen the week ahead forecast, and still doesn't look promising.  At this rate my magnolias will be flowering in June !!

Oakley Witch

When do they normally flower Chicky?


Caz W

I don't keep a diary as such but am quite organised with my garden photos on the computer and like to see how things are different from 12 months ago.  The plants generally seem a few weeks behind but why are the brambles doing so well?

Pennine Petal
I can hardly see the buds on my magnolia stellata Chicky.

Wow. Sam, you must be working very hard out there, don't be overdoing it.

Dove, that sounds like a useful arrangement.

I know what you mean, chicky!  My 'Lizzie' early plum has had flower buds on for nearly 2 months and I don't think she can hold it in much longer, poor thing!


Caz, brambles always do well. So do stinging nettles 

Oakley Witch

Its been done a little at a time I have to admit. My ME wont allow me to go hammer and tongs anymore but I get there 

Caz...brambles are creeping in to my garden too  Damn things come from the woodland and spend all my time cutting and pulling them back. I need a weedkiller that will get rid of them. Any ideas?