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Sam - they are normally out in April (8th last year - according to the diary - as you can see, it gives the impression that I am a teeny bit obsessive!).  This year, like Penine Petal, there is no sign of flowers yet.  Don't know quite how long the flowers can survive in a dormant state.

But you can be sure that when they do finally come out, the first thing I will do is reach for the dreaded diary to note down the date


Pennine Petal
Caz, I have a bit of a butterfly mind. I start stuff like that and then get sidetracked by something else. I am surprised I have been posting on here for nearly 12 months now.

Been thinking about n doing some research on the value of brand communities like this. Good on the ideas, bad at completing them. Ashamed face smiley!
GREAT BIG TWEEZERS? (capitals intentional and reply to Sam's bramble issues)
Pennine Petal
Sam, ME what a bu**er. Friend of mine had it quite badly, but managed to get through it eventually. Just keep believing ..... And gardening of course. Great therapy.
Caz W

Sam - sorry to hear about your ME.  You sound a very positive person and I'm sure that will help you get through it and your garden shows you're doing well.


Oakley Witch

Chicky..I must confess...I have one too  I have everything in it but have only started it this year.

Fig, I was thinking more of a flame thrower lol

Pennine, you cant do wee faces can you lol Im the same on my phone. I was diagnosed with the ME 7 years ago. Spent the first two years on crutches. I dont give up. I do all my garden myself and run my own business...ride my bike and motorcycle when I can and much more. My doc says Im an inspiration to others who give up with it.

I am very headstrong when it comes to it. However, it came out of remission 3 months ago but think its on its way back into remission again. All good. Life is too short for things to pull you down Winky face smiley 

Pennine Petal
I might start one tomorrow, wknky smiley. Any more confessions, how about I am Spartacus?

I know ME by the CFS name, my husband has had it for three years now. He can't get to the end of our road without collasping and barely lasts the day around the house, although he puts a brave face on it.

The garden must be both a source of healing and exhaustion for you Sam. The fact that you can actually complete a gardening job, however small, is an incredible achievement with this condition, I can't imagine the frustrations you must suffer.

My husband sit with me sometimes, he's not an invalid and has surprised me with some monir landscaping before now but as you might well know, its the sort of activity that will put him in incredible pain and fatigue for days after.

I keep telling him not to but its the only way he stays sane. I think the day he admits defeat, will be the end of his incredible spirit. I admire his determination to win.

All the best Sam


My daughter had ME throughout her teens and most of her twenties, following a really bad bout of glandular fever - it totally screwed up her education and she found it really hard to hold down a job because of recurring bouts of illness - however, she did make a recovery (fingers crossed) and has put herself through Uni and got a good degree, got married last year and is now managing a wedding dress shop - her immune system is poor and she takes  Echinacea and vitamins etc which have really helped.

It's a really horrible condition and  I send you every good wish and positive thoughts  

Oakley Witch

Thankyou Winter. It is hard and I know that if I do something it floors me for days. Its the cold that hurts the most as my muscles deteriorate a fair bit in the winter so I try and keep as active as I can. Im lucky in the sense mine comes and goes but when its here, my business comes to a standstill and I sleep and rest. I know that my OH finds it hard to understand but hes getting better with me. It sounds as though you give him alot of support. Much respect to you for that. When Im bad, I have uncontrollable shaking down the right hand side, if I fall, people just think Im a drunk or Im on drugs. It can be hard but I have some great friends and mass support from OH and family 



When I see what some have to put up with it makes my aches and pains nothing. I hope time will heal all. 


Dovefromabove wrote (see)

My daughter had ME throughout her teens and most of her twenties, following a really bad bout of glandular fever -



My husband contracted a virus of some kind with Mumps-like symptons. His cheeks still swell up on bad days and he looks like a chipmunk

He spent the first year working fulltime hours from home because he wanted to keep his job and not live off the state and he thought it would pass. It didn't and probably set his recovery back some as a result, but hey ho, it could be worse.


Oakley Witch

I had Glandular fever then they found the onset of Meningitis. I was diagnosed with it within 2 weeks and thats how its been ever since. I dont complain about it, I sometimes need to explain to people why I cant do certain things or why I need to sleep. Thats why I went self employed, I tried going back to work but they said i was a liability working with horses, so, I applied for loads of jobs and they kept saying yes until I told them about my condition. I gave up and started my own. I do not bad but can be hard for me as well as family and friends. My OH, Rab, gets quite upset when he sees me at my worst. Think he had more of a fright than anything. I couldnt get myself to my feet after a fall in the house and spilt hot soup all over me. Life is good though, dont get me wrong 

I live it to the best I can


Sam, you are so brave and you've done so much to your garden, incredible. Is your own business also to do with horses?

I get brambles in my shrubs because birds eat wild blackberries and then poo out the seeds when sitting in the shrubs! I mention that because Sam talked about brambles.

I find it very hard to believe that anyone has been asked to disown anyone else. I think there must have been misunderstandings. Apart from obvious "trolls" (few and far between) everyone on this forum has been nice and helpful and often funny as well.

Oakley Witch

Right. I'm done with this malarkey. I have been bombarded with PM this evening with people doing the he said she said. I'm not interested unless its green, I can eat it or it smells pretty. I'm away to hide under a table until all this nonsense goes and then I might come back out, hopefully by summer 


I'm an ME/CFS sufferer too.  Little and often, not easy with two sprogs.  Getting lots better,  was in a wheelchair when pregnant with number 1.

First step to recovery is accepting your life as it was has gone - maybe for a few years, maybe forever.  Getting a lot better, but no mountain biking, no riding, no swimming, no aerobics - these were my leisure activities before.

Worst thing is explaining what you have, and folks going 'OH, I think I've got that, I'm always feeling tired'.

They'd KNOW if they had it.

My lurgy is nothing in comparison. Feel bit sheepish now going on about it....more of a joke than anything though.
Sam, you are an inspiration as is "mummy"
Oakley Witch

Im know what you mean muddy paws (feels funny saying mummy ) My usual answer is 'Really? Wow, so you have all the pain and the aches, the lack of concentration, the down feelings and the frustration too?'

There are some things I am unable to do now but just get on with it. Its the old saying which seems very appropriate at this moment in tim...Don't let the Barstewards get yi down

Verdun, there are alot of lurgy up here at the moment 


Just heard one contributor has been bullied again by pms on this forum and decided to pull out of,the forum. This member was popular, well informed, knowledgeable and kind. So a huge loss to the forum.These same bullies almost did the same to me last year.,

The forum had become fun lately but some members objected to certain threads and have been aggressive and nasty in their efforts to do this. I honestly did not expect this on a garden forum. Those trolls are nothing in have to receive one of,their pms to fully understand it
I have read some silly posts recently denying this as though it's all just a bit of bad tempered's not. It's been about BULLYING. And the bullies are winning.
I have good knowledge of gardenIng matters, have tried to,help where I can with advice and tried to,show compassion just as the,contributor who is forced,to,pull out of,the forum did. This forum will be the poorer and another forum will be the richer.
When you receive your "invitation" to join another gardening club remember when you joined GW forum. You joined because you decided to not because you were approached by anybody. GW forum will soon not exist.
I am a sensible, honest and decent guy not given to outbursts or hysteria. I am saying this as it is.