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Oakley Witch

I agree with you. I was furious last night after some of the emails I received. I felt as though it was children playing at my ankles. Don't you be going anywhere Verdun and I really hope that in time this helpful and friendly person returns in time.


I feel a bit left out here! no one has sent me any PM's except dear Sam, and she is lovely. 

Oh and others re: seed swaps.

Pennine Petal
Ignore the lot, Sam, who needs the hassle. No PMs for me, is that a bit like being the last one when being chosen for the football team, I wonder?

Best go, need to get on with some work today. Having a littlie(ish) lie in, was up at 3.30 this morning, couldn't sleep. Whe I was a teenager I could sleep through the night and get up on a Sunday when mum called me for lunch.

My son went down with ME at the age of 15 following being concussed with a basket ball.  Long story - won't go into.  What was most distresssing to both of us was that not one of the doctors at our surgery diagnosed it or even tried to.  Having laid on the settee for 6 weeks, sleeping, not eating and looking like death warmed up, one of them asked if I would like him to have a blood test, which showed up what was the problem. Another 6 weeks and he was back on his feet again, albeit not the same boy. Now 33 but still suffers badly with fatigue and lack of appetite but has managed to hold down a job. Not nearly as bad as many others.

One doctor said to him, in an unpleasant manner 'get on with your life. What do you think would happen to this surgery if everyone acted like you'.  Was so shocked, I couldn't speak.

I'm so glad that it is now recognised as a long term illness and not malingering.

Oakley Witch

Lyn, they are very unpleasant. Last night it was all calling each other liars and untrustworthy. I would much rather do without them my dear. Im happy where I am, chat to lovely people like yourself, pester poor Nutcutlet for advice, banter with a few and Im happy. Im not going anywhere other than the green house and even if I were, I would soon change my mind due to these emails. Some are very aggressive, abusive almost and very very rude!



It took me so long to write my post above that I did not see the posts from Verdun onwards. I thought all this business was over and done with. Sadly, that appears to be wrong.  It seems to me and I may be totally wrong, that this whole underhand, unpleasantness it meant to bring down this site. I am becoming very uncomfortable posting.  No pm's for me, thank goodness, as I have 'crossed' the leader. 

Time for the garden, me thinks.


I haven't received any unpleasant PMs either, but I can't help feeling that Verdun has to be exagerating. There are many lovely people on this forum and he is talking about it closing. Why should it? Perhaps if we avoid mentioning this trouble things would perk up. But then I always was a bit of an ostrich! Looking back over posts I see very little of people actually being unpleasant, only people being worried and emotional.

I haven't received or sent any unpleasant emails. I won't be posting any more on here until it calms down and gets back to gardening.
Pam LL x
Miss Becks
Which is why I haven't posted anymore Lizzie. I know I'm no longer welcome on here, which is understandable, but do want to point out that all this PM business is absolutely nothing to do with me. I haven't received any, and most certainly haven't sent any, to anyone, but I think people have put 2 + 2 together, and got 5, and as no-one has actually named who they are coming off, all presume it is me. It isn't. Hope you all have a lovely day.

It does seem rather leading that there are plenty of posts re bullying in PM messages but we don't know who they are from & I think many could assume that they are comming from certain people and be entirely wrong. I haven't recieved anything along these lines and hope I don't. Its a shame that some peoples behaviour has reduced some people to tears. Whoever it is should be ashamed of themselves. 

This back biting, bullying, negative posting and derogatory comments are the main reason I hardly post here at the moment..


@ dovefromabove - a reminder that you need a new garden thermometer.
Sam has now spoken up too
Busy lizzie is he exaggerating too? If you havent recived pm then you havent been invited. not wanted, as simple as that I'm afraid

Miss Becks has set up her own forum...this business has everything to do with her. She has her own agenda and has combined well with the bullies on the forum. But why poach the members on this forum?

As I,said before there those who will deny this is happening. Will walk on the other side. Not bothered or can't be bothered

Thanks Sam for your words and to those who privately contact me. I enjoy this forum..GW forum....and most of the people on it

I hope my good friend Brumbull ....who many of you PRAISED for his threads not too long ago.....can return or find another forum. I suggest those of you who do value him to express yourselves

In real life I have never been bullied. I am not the bullied kind. Probably face to face these forum bullies would wilt away.

Well, somethings happening as I have just been chastised for being two faced and that 'your comments to a certain person has saddened me'. As this poster would not know who I am on this site but the she person referred to does, it makes me think that there's been a bit if chat going on behind the scenes.

It seems to me that the breakaway group are achieving their aim. I'm out.


I really hope nobody decides to leave this forum due to this silly PM thing going on.

It's upsetting that some people are letting their ugly side show. Thats .. disappointing, you would hope grown ups could play nice. I can guess who the 'leader' is, what an ... :P 

Anyway being members of more than one forum isn't unusual, nobody has to make a choice to be on this forum or on that forum

It is sad it is straining friendships. I guess being a bit thick skinned helps, but i'm sure i am not the only person unwilling to bend to another persons will, we are fundamentally equal.

The only way you can be pressurised or bullied is if you let yourself be. A friend isn't a friend if they are pressurising you to do something you do not want to do.

I hope people are happy with their new forum, just have the curtesy to be respectful and considerate of peoples feelings. This forum will be better and stronger for losing these bullies.

So far as I can tell all the nice people are staying put, so no worries    

Hope this is a mostly a fair and balanced post.

happy gardening (if the weather improves).



Ok-I have had enough of this-and take this as my final posting on this subject and this forum

Verdun-you are making a big fuss about nothing-Ok am alternative forum has been set for the reasons that Becks gave on Saturday-to talk about gardening and have a bit of fun-some were asked to test it out-we could not ask that many or it would have been crowded

People were happy to have a look ask yourself why is that ? and stop droning on about a community it is a forum- people come and go all the time

There was never any rule saying you cant post on both forums that is plainly stupid-some tried it said it was not for them -fair enough

I am happy to post the link if people felt excluded that is unfortunate-it is just that they were not included-which is not the same thing

You talk about bullies in one breath and then accuse people of having an agenda-that is not the case-you are constantly stirring the pot

And then someone else throws in some abuse

I admire your gardening knowledge but your diplomatic skills leave a lot to be desired

Now why not drop this and let people have a free choice of where to go-there are many gardening forums out there this is just one of those-nothing more.

I have not sent out bullying PMs-I have explained my position to Verdun privately

I will now wish you all a happy gardening year and a fond farewell it has been a blast-time to move on



Geoff. Your ego, your rants because someone used the term FORKERS and your pms are offensive. No more pms please.

Hope this means we can now get on happily without the unpleasantness. 

Tina Turner please don't get upset by this breakaway group they are leaving and hopefully now will leave us in peace. The best friendliest members will still be here

blackest wrote (see)

Hope this means we can now get on happily without the unpleasantness. 

Tina Turner please don't get upset by this breakaway group they are leaving and hopefully now will leave us in peace. The best friendliest members will still be here

So far as I can tell all the nice people are staying put, so no worries  


I dont really like these comments Blackest about 'breakaway groups' leaving you all in peace and the friendliest members will still be here!

I also post on the other site, purely because I like to read about the garden queries and info, and there is only one chat thread. This doesnt make those people on there nasty or unfriendly, as it doesnt make me nasty or unfriendly either. Maybe that is how you think of me, I dont know.




As a new member not for long reading this thread is like looking after a P1 class of children come on folks it's a big wide world out there and plenty room for everybody no need for all this carry on from adults. I love coming on here and reading posts and getting advice may i say from everyone the thing about a forum is you can take part or just look in and learn. Being new i can't give out much advice on gardening but it dose'nt stop me taking part in the forum maybe the weather has got to some  if they where getting into their garden weather being good these silly posts might not have came about so lets all move on and enjoy the rest of the year gardening. 


Hi lyn no I don't think of you as nasty or unfriendly , you are still here.

I'll be honest I don't think much to geoff and his tantrums in his attempts to rule here. 

This is awkward, Lyn  didn't you say at 10:25 this morning

Lyn wrote (see)

I feel a bit left out here! no one has sent me any PM's except dear Sam, and she is lovely. 

Oh and others re: seed swaps.

So how did you join the other forum as it's invite only?

Anyway I really don't care for the underhandedness and bullying that has gone on and as you can tell i don't give a monkeys what people think to me. I do care thou that people are getting upset , and bullied, and i won't stand idle for that. There are great people here and i'd hate to see them feeling excluded and unwanted.

Anyway i've answered your question on how to get the nasa data for your area on another thread. I don't feel any emnity to you personally at all.