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The forum is a lovely place to be right now...why even my stupid...yes stupid , I know......jokes are acceptable
There's a kindness, pleasantness and general appreciation here now.
A variety of threads, none above any other, to suit everyone.
I enjoy it....even when busy I like to catch up with the forum.
I find it helpful and educational.....beginning to appreciate what the wildlife people say for example.
its nice to share and compare advice, comments jokes

yes, I'd like to echo blackest's (damn that's a hard name to quote!) sentiments.. was a clique, now no clique.. Got to be for the best, there's loads on here who can help, and with nice comments, you can get all of those who are too shy, but have 20 years experience to post! My knowledge is not that great, but if it can be expanded by this forum, then it's all good. If I can get along with the posters, well, I'll be singing the praises!


Thanks for the explanation about 'lepers' Blackest.  I said it tongue in cheek not to cause any trouble.  Didn't expect it to be picked up. Should have put brain into gear.

Sorry everyone.


Tina..are you having your weetabix?

I had pains au choc today...

Blackest-you are naughty....but right I reckon

Verdun...were they meant to be jokes?



Fairygirl, me thinks you're jesting me.  I am getting paranoid.

Have visions of Verdun dressed in red and gold, 3 little bells on his hat and turned up shoes, waving a wand or whatever about. 



Are we not forming our own clique?


not really, as none of us would get wound up over the use of one word.

Tina, how did you know what I wear? That's exactly what,I'm wearing today
Fairygirl I'll have you know my jokes are very funny......I laugh at them all the time but I notice people pretending they aren't funny
Brumbull, I couldn't agree more.
No,clique now joslow,,hopefully. We're all getting on well aren't we?
It's so sunny and warm....almost

Verd-I thought you only wore that at the weekends... That's what you told us all anyway..

Madge'll take back your knighthood if you don't watch..

TT made me laugh with the Jester's hat.  I have one of these I keep in Big Blue (our off-road car) for when we go green-laning.  If the ramblers are laughing at me, then they aren't going to bitch at me instead.

Only I forgot to take it off when I was explaining to a copper exactly what we were doing in Bakewell Ford (one of the chaps sort of fell off the causeway, and had to be towed out backwards - he tried throwing a kinetic rope to one of the blokes on the bridge, and forgot to keep hold of one end, so ended up chucking it in the river, so had to swim after it).  Only realised I'd got my jester's hat still on as I was folding up the OS map (with the vehicular right of way marked on the ford on the map.  We'd also checked there were no temporary restriction orders, so we were within our rights.  Luckily one of our number is a solicitor, so explained chapter & verse to the traffic officer, whilst I was showing his mate that we were on a 'road'.

With my ME, off-roading is the only way I can see some of the countryside, one other chap I know quite well now also has ME (he had it really badly, ended up loosing his business and his house as he was self-employed).  One of our number down south somewhere is an ex-squaddie and only has one leg, he threatens the militant ramblers with is 'wooden leg'.  That normally shuts them up!!

Where where?

Stop it before you are sent to bed with no tea.

You did that last night mummy


TinaTurner wrote (see)

Stop it before you are sent to bed with no tea.

Tina-have you got your angry trousers on?

MMP-I hope you don't confuse 'ramblers' with us proper 'hillwalkers' now!! We have a good laugh at them too! All good sport

I think you're a breath of fresh air the way you tackle life


Well, you obviously didn't learn your lesson, so no TV either.  Now, get off this thread and let it die a death.



As a result of this recent spatt it seems to me that some perfectmy pleasant and knowledgeable people have left these boards which is a pity.   Everybody, new and old should be welcome here and able to fit in with each other.

I have been frequenting gardening message boards for years and have seen many such spats come and go, especially on the the old Beeb boards and each time there was a schism and people set off to spawn new boards it left the boards diminished - except on one occasion when they were eejits the rest of us were glad to see the back of but this isn't the case this time and it seems to me that two or three people are still trying to rule a roost on which they are only precarioulsy perched.   You will find as tie goes by and new people join that there will be no shortage of dominant ersonalities turning up.

Those who are left behind and who have had most to say in the recent upset should reflect and remember - it takes all sorts to make a garden and all sorts to make a community.  On here we come from many different backgrounds of education, experience, knowledge, intelligence, income, empathy and understanding.   There are bound to be occasional personality clashes as well as groups of kindred spirits that take to each other on chat threads and may, to some, feel exclusive or cliquey.  Life is like that and no-one should take it as a personal therat or insult.  Better to try and make friends instead.

We are anonymous on here and no-one can hear our tone of voice or see our face as we speak through these boards.  Some of us are robust and some of us are delicate flowers.  Remember that and tread softly in your metaphorical garden slippers.  Some of you really do need to get things in perspective and take off the big, clod-hopping hobnailed boots you've been tarmpling around in.

Now, can we please settle down to welcoming new gardeners and old, new knowledge and starter questions, new topics an dthe same olf chestnuts and remain pleasant and tolerant?


well put obelixx.