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That's all we are trying to do.
Just read all,the other threads.....they are good, friendly, funny and encouraging.
Now to,the serious stuff.....where can I get those metaphorical garden slippers?

It's all in your mind and you are one of those in need of softer treads.


Please, please, can we leave this here.  I thought all this had died a natural death and everyone was getting on OK.  I have apologised for my remark made last night.  Wasn't meant in malice.

Those that were invited to move on have done so. Those left behind are ticking over OK. No-one is ruling the roost - well, not in my opinion anyway. I don't feel I have to watch my p's and q's anymore in case someone else doesn't agree with me. 


Pure kindness me
It's a garden forum.....a garden forum

Since I can't PM you I'll s ay this here.  Not so long ago after you first joined, you were bleating about being got at by one member and feeling you should leave the boards.  People rallied round, you stayed but with a change of name.  Now it seems you have no compub-ntion in rounding on others.

As in everything in life, things aren't always fair but you especially should live and let live and tolerate others.   As Dan said, politeness and consideration are needed for  aboard to run well.  I would add "Do as you would be done by".

The only bad guys we need to watch out for are and warn people about are the occasional trolls like Gridgardner aka Plainleaf aka Squre Foot Gardener and all sorts of other aliases.


Obelixx - please can I have permission to keep my wellie boots on?  They are a bit clod-hopping, but they need to be as my garden has more than a passing resemblance to the Somme in places!


Fairygirl - the acid test for us greenlaners is bobble hats (those using feet and legs to enjoy the countryside are generally referred to as 'bobble hats' by us horrid folk in nasty planet-destroying 4x4s!!  Even though it's pillar box red it's as green as green can be, it's old enough to vote, has been patched up more times than I care to remember - usually with bits off a dead land rover, and runs on biodiesel made out of used veg oil that would otherwise go to landfill.  Much better than those awful quiet cars that run you over with stealth and run on coal.  Go figure!

Yes mummymp you may keep your wellie boots on.
Often I'm so impatient to do something in the garden that I do so in my socks. Needless to say I'm forever buying socks

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