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Dear Forum Members

I was just wondering, has it ever happened that when forum members have posted pictures of our neighbour’s ghastly sheds, conservatories, outhouses, illegal brickwork constructions etc that the same neighbour has actually been a member of this very same forum and recognised the picture of their own monstrosities and read the expletive-ridden tirade accompanying it?!

Just a thought –

The Grateful Deadhead 


I would never rant about another person's monstrosities as I know I have a few of my own dotted around the place. Besides my neighbour is lovely (if you are reading this Mary) and I wouldn't say a word against her.

Has it happened to you, by any chance, GD?

Not as far as I know, but I am only new

It came to mind because I have a current thread up and running which shows pictures of my neighbour's shed, and as far as I know, she is an avid gardener (the garden is very neat and well tended) and for all I know, she is a member of this forum and is reading this now. For all know, you are her  but I do not believe I have said anything wrong, only that we want more privacy, which is nothing particularly personal. Give me time

It was a general comment, and I bet in this crazy world, stranger things have happened!



Beaus Mum

Hi GD, it's strange you should post this thread as I was only thinking the same thing today! I posted a thread last weekend about huge neighbours shed but was diplomatic about it  Anyway i have worried this week wether she is a member or not and it would be so obvious from my profile it was me but she is on holiday and I'm hoping my post will be long gone time she getsback from hols and ever joins the forum 


Im more likely to be the one talked about! I hear people go down the street moaning about my hedge!


Beaus Mum

Oh Bekkie I thought of such a good reply to you that I'm sitting here in bed laughing out loud! Can't post it though lol 

Orchid Lady

Not a rant about a neighbour but my bezzie mate (who we are going to Carfest with) told me the other day she had read some posts of mine about mice and chillies! Still felt a bit strange although obviously not bad.  A close family member once googled me (yes really!!!) and read rants about other issues when I was on FB and it was a public post......made me realise how open the internet is 

Morning Grateful Deadhead,

A  very unlikely situation I think.  There aren't that many members on here. 

If you are worried about your neighbour seeing your post just be a little less forthcoming with the info you post.  

If your forum names are not your own there is even less to connect you with anything you say.



I never post anything than can be identified

No Verdun, I was not worried for myself. I just wondered if it was something that had happened to others. I am careful to publish only that which I'm comfortable with. Also, I don't go by the name Grateful Deadhead in my offline life believe it or not

Any idea how many forum members there are?

star gaze lily

If anyone got caught out it would probably be me, but not because the neighbours gardens are messy etc but because the neighbour 3 doors down little darling screams nearly all day, and she never gets told to be quieter   Looking forward to when they go on their summer hols......2 weeks of silence.......bliss.


Grateful D, I think there are a lot of forum members, but I don't think that many of them post on threads unless they have a specific gardening problem

Ha ha grateful Deadhead .......I guess it's not your real name.  Your kids would hate you giving them that burden 

Dont know how many members there are here..someone will know.


Just in case our neighbours have worked out who I am I shall say a Big Thank You!! on behalf of OH and myself.  They have removed that dratted wind chime from the tree just a few feet from our bedroom window.

I know I mentioned two years ago that it kept OH awake and he had to wear ear plugs, and you've only done it now (or has the chain rusted through?), but THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

Beaus Mum

 Oh Dove you make me die!  You should have leant out your window with your longest loppers and oops!!!

Our neighbour had a pot out the front which was balanced on their wall and wired to our drain pipe!!! If the pot was to fall it would have pulled all our drain pipe down! Sadly and mysteriously one night someone took some wire cutters to it!

Oh god I hope she ain't on this forum!




I was very tempted BM - probably if I hadn't already spoken to her about it I would have done it - but n she told me it was the first present her OH bought her when they moved into that house 


Wind chimes. There should be a law against them. It's not even as if they are tuneful.

Beaus Mum

 Dove, at least it's down now?!  Hope he hasn't brought her something else for their two year anniversary! Better the devil you know and all that 


They are awful those things  

I remember a neighbour in a previous house got some for his back door - they drove everyone nuts because they jangled tunelessly in the slightest breeze. We all took the mickey out of him till he had no option but to take them down. Just as well we were all friends at the time though!