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I'm new. When I start a new thread there's a line to enter a description. What am I supposed to put in there? Is it a list of keywords for a search engine, or something somebody is going to read?

...or maybe none of the above.



I've been on this site for quite a while now, but I've wondered that myself, I'm glad you asked, maybe someone can explain!


Don't think you need to put anything.....but I could be wrong!


It won't be me that explains, No idea.

Let me guess - you put "What is description" in that box so that is what appears in the thread list as the title of your thread.


Daniel Haynes

Hello Blueboots,

The description field is optional - it's the short text that appears beneath the thread name in the thread listing pages, such as 'Latest posts' and 'New discussions'. It's intended to provide a little more detail than is given in the thread name, to help other users decide if the thread will be of interest to them.

Daniel Haynes


Hey, thanks Daniel, now that I think about it, could have just tried it out and see what happens!

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