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Another gloriously sunny day, the wind has dropped completely. Frost on the grass this morning and probably again tomorrow morning.  I am not knocking this lovely, settled weather, but we do need some rain too - it is winter after all.

I hope our summer weather is as settled as this though.


At last! The sun has been shining all day and I even opened up the greenhouse for a couple of hours. It was very misty this morning early on as I accompanied OH to the docs to have his stitches out. The mist soon dispelled though to give us this beautiful day here in Cheshire. 


Freezing for most of the day, and the most glorious sunset right now 


gloriously sunny , clear sky all day. The frost hasn't lifted from the shady bits and they're forecasting -2C tonight and no more than 3C tomorrow. 

Pat???? wanna swap??


Glorious sunshine. The first glimpse of the sun here in a week.  I spent about two hours pottering about with little bits of tidying up. It was cold though. Thermal walking trousers under my gardening ones.

If it is any consolation a friend  living in south west France has  temperatures of minus 11C.



Ice this morning and the car has just ding'd for ice warning on way home. Supposed to be a sunny but freezing day tomorrow so I'll put the windscreen cover on now as it may not thaw by 12:00 when I leave for work. 


Iamweedy, I live in SW France. It was -12°, then -10° yesterday, this morning -7° - so it's getting warmer! Ground is frozen, but blue sky and sunshine.


Grey skies again! One day of sunshine. 


Those are the sort of temperatures we had in 2009/10 and 10/11. Only the really tough survived. 

Do you have to grow completely different plants down there to what you might in the uk ? I can't see that  a lot of our climates plants  would thrive?  Or southern France's plants do too well up here.


A really sharp frost last night - but a rapid thaw this morning - grey and damp and 6.3C in the back garden at the moment.


My garden is an English style garden. Summer is hardest as it can get very hot and it needs a lot of watering. A lot of plants survive the cold, some of the salvias struggle.


-6C overnight, beautiful crisp sunny day here in Kent, lovely walk over the Downs this morning and no MUD! 

Lack of sunshine today - we have been spoiled for the past few days.  Feeling cold without the sun, but luckily no wind and still no rain either. There was a frost last night, ice on our small pond and the bird bath this morning.

Has been really misty in morning and very cold of a night 

Day time not been to bad hen sun comes out - Lincoln 

Been to allotment today and gardening this week for the odd couple of hours 

It only reached about 0C today but the sun was bright.  Biked the river path, had to wear ear muffs, long underwear, gloves and three layers under my jacket. River's running fast closer to downtown and isn't frozen over yet.

Beautiful blue sky there Johnny.  What river is that, it does seem very high compared to the surrounding land. Does it flood?


Guernsey Donkey2 says:

Beautiful blue sky there Johnny.  What river is that, it does seem very high compared to the surrounding land. Does it flood?

See original post

 That's the Bow River. It will flood a little every few years but we got hit with the flood of the century in 2013. The whole downtown was evacuated and sealed off. I had to explore with my camera and did some police barricade dodging. Shame on me, but I knew I'd never see the likes of it again.

If you google Calgary flood 2013 video, you can get a birds eye view of the flood of 2013.

Redditch, frosty had a bit of snow. Sunrise at 8.00am


Bright and clear and -3.9C in the sheltered back garden ... much lower elsewhere. 


There were small flakes of snow here in Cheshire about half an hour ago. 

Forecast of snow turning to rain.


damp after overnight rain.