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Pansyface , it is a bit windy but not like that , I trust you and family are ok 

Nice and sunny hear but windy , hoping to get into garden this afternoon - Lincoln

Yellow snow warning for Friday/Saturday, personally I like the snow 

Kitty 2

Pansy, wow. That silent lightening sounds really spooky.  I love a good thunderstorm but hate the sound of strong wind at night, rattling tiles get me worrying.  

Good that the emergency crew were out first thing fixing the powerđź‘Ť and you've not had any serious damage.

GWRS,  stay away from the yellow snow...... It's not the nice stuff

by 10am it was 37c rising to 38.5 then its dropped to 31.9 and we have got thunder and some rain drops 


I hope you're all keeping safe out there. I arrived at work to find the building across from us was being unpeeled (corrugated metalwork covering what was once it seems a beautiful Victorian building) like an orange. 

Then at lunch time our rendering started to come loose and fall on the fire engines. Its probably been loose for years but the wind must have been getting underneath it enough to give it that final push.

Makes the neighbours trampoline going walk about (I'm also missing a compost bin) seem quite calm in comparison.

Beautifully sunny though!



Clearington, stay safe. It seems that you have it bad up there in Yorkshire. It is a bit wild here in Cheshire and the sycamore tree opposite our house has shed all its seeds. I expect I will find seedlings sprouting up everywhere in the spring. 


Sorry I mistyped your name Clarington,I didn't get any sleep last night so I'm not too efficient today. Glenys would you like some of our cloudy skies? It sounds like it is very hot in South Africa.We could certainly use some of your sunshine here in January UK.

Hello , I remember " yellow snow " !  Always try and do my initials 

Been in the garden this afternoon , windy but not to bad 

Last night was windier , Union Jack flag got ripped off pole and on to hawthorn edge , had to bin it , new flag needed 

Wind getting up a bit again - Lincoln 

Sunny but extremely windy in Swansea. Nice, clear sky now with lovely moon but still a bit blowy. Think we're forecast for rain tomorrow

Doghouse Riley

Playing golf today, at times it was hard standing up in the strong wind, let alone keeping steady when playing a shot . We noticed  a tree had been blown down to the side of a fairway.

Fortunately no damage in the garden. I always worry a bit about our now thirty year-old tea-house as the roof has a big overhang to the front. But it's never been damaged. I think the turned up corners make it act like an upside-down aeroplane wing, so the wind actually pushes down on it as much as forcing it up, if you understand what I mean.


It's been nice here, south Norfolk, today, a bit windy, but there was some blue sky and sunshine. Car said 9° this afternoon.


There is a yellow warning of snow here in the North West, possibly arriving at lunchtime. I am glad that this is not a warning of yellow snow! Take care everyone when out and about. 

Good morning , nice day so far , forcast for some cold weather to come 

Coal delivery coming today , should keep us warm if bad weather hits 

Have a good day everybody 


There's snow on the hills, and flurries down here which aren't settling.  At least it's not windy like yesterday!  


Redditch, raining and cold, supposed to have sleet this afternoon at 3pm.

Heavy snow shower earlier but sun is out now.

Absolutely bucketing it down with rain here, why are the forecasts always right when they predict rain?

Our dug out pond shape is filling up with rain water when we don't want it to!

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Just been to the fields with my dog where there is a badger sett on an exposed west-facing slope.
For the past couple of weeks I've noticed bits of straw bedding strewn about the big entrance, but today the entrance was fully blocked with straw which I've not seen before. They've heard the forecast for heavy snow here in a couple of hours - or it could be instinct.
Their behaviour has fascinated me over the years. The field is an acre of private grassland but in 15+ yrs no one has told me off.

Sadly there's a dead adult badger nearby. No sign of injury, so maybe old age or illness :(

Pouring with rain atm and 6°


Snow and ice. Zero degrees, or lower,  pretty much all day apart from a little while at lunchtime when it got to the dizzy heights of 

More of the same for tomorrow, although more ice than snow apparently.