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Lovely photos posted, sorry to hear about your woes Palaisglide. Hope your family are soon better. The sunshine should cheer everyone up anyway. If Winter comes can Spring be far behind.? (Quote from Shelley )

Thank you D D, I had the flu jab just a few aches in the old bones, it was the young ones who had the worst of it.

the snow is being blown away by the gale, part of our coast in the NE, are expecting the storm surge, I live on a hill though sorry for those who do not.


Palaisglide , hope family is better soon 

No snow hear , in fact the sun came out and it got up to 5 degrees - Lincoln 

Cold again tomorrow 


Sunny, but cold yesterday. Raining this morning.


Dull and drizzle , temperature to drop this evening , so lit greenhouse heater - Lincoln 


Snow all disappeared by this morning, washed away by relentless rain...  Pennines

Another dull and drizzly day , g/h is 5 degrees so about 3/4 outside I would guess - Lincoln 


Frustrated here.  Supposed to be raining but isn't.  We need some jolly good soaks before the weather warms up again.

Mostly dry and relatively mild compared to a few days ago - around 10 degrees. Our island reservoir is fairly low for this time of year - I can see we will be on water rationing in the summer unless we get more rain before winter is out.

We have the opposite problem here in Derbyshire its wet most of the time and today its a little

warmer but fine drizzle. Everywhere is wet through and totally depressing.

I just hope it clears up soon but it is winter,,Still spring is just around the corner.

We got away with water rationing last year so lets hope this year this years the same.

Dull and misty , however been doing jobs outside about 5 degrees - Lincoln 


Minus 6 Celsius when I left for work this morning. Minus 2 already, ground is frozen hard, one bonus is no mud on our dog walks😊. 


-8° this morning and -4° this afternoon.

A slight ground frost this morning after a clear, starry night. Sun all day today, a really lovely day and another clear, cold, calm night.  No complaints!


A chinook has swooped down off the mountains giving Calgary a much needed blast of warm Pacific air. It's been above freezing for the past few days and several more warm days ahead. Went out biking along the river. Good thing I remembered to put the back fender on, it was very icy to begin with but soon turned to slush and mud..

Good morning all , looks like a dry but dull day , no frosts for ages - Lincoln

Hello Jonny C , I was wondering what your weather was like ?


-6C at 8:30 and bright and sunny.  So dry that the frost is there but largely invisible.  Wind chill factor too so perishing out there.   Should get positive this pm but not for long.  More of the same forecast all weekend.  No gardening then.

Clear skies at night and a waning, late rising moon do make for fabulous starry skies.

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Warm at yours then, Obelixx! -12° here, south of you, at 8.15am.


Grey and drizzly yet again in Cheshire though still warm for January. I would much prefer bright and frosty but we have to put up with whatever comes our way. OH bought me some daffodils this morning so they will certainly cheer me up. 

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