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Redditch, heavy rain, mild at the moment.

After a few good days, and the ground being just about at the easy digging stage, it starts persisting down again. 


t-shirt weather yesterday, they're saying  snow tomorrow night, that spring for you!

Raining , looks like it is in for the day - Lincoln 

Started off lovely and sunny this morning in Howwood although a bit breezy and then down it came. It actually had a bit of hail through the rain and its turned really cold. So no gardening for me today.Big change from yesterday when it was quite nice all day and I got a good bit of tidying up done outside. Desperate... as I'm sure you all are... to get out there and get into the garden with gusto , so come on weather give us a chance to do our stuff..PLEASE


Linda...maybe a snow shower tonight. Sunny in Ayr but windy.

Still sunny ower on north east coast of Scotland, but cooler and breezy....expecting snow showers later.

Joyce, maybe if it does snow tonight that will get it over with..snow ,hail, rain, wind and sunshine all in the one day ..typical spring weather here in Scotland.   

It finally stopped raining so just done a quick hour in garden - Lincoln 

Drizzle here - quite windy.  It has been dull for a few days now, we will be resorting to vitamin D tablets soon at this rate.

Four seasons in one day here in South Wales. Brolly and coat on way to work and sunglasses on way home! Happy Spring everyone! 

Rained from 8am to 7pm today. A bit depressing when you have a list of thing to do in your garden. Hopefully, a bit of cloudy sunshine tomorrow means I will have time to get things done 

Happy Gardening 

Wet and cold all day. 


We have watery sun this morning...  


No sunshine here again - bucketing down right now - should be better tomorrow (fingers crossed), but cooler easterly wind.

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