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Stockton sunshine and clear sky, I could get used to this.

G.D. Cullen near Elgin, the North East Coast, fish and even more fish, as many recipes as there is for Panacklety which was shown on Coutryfile Sunday, never had that anywhere but up here. Once had Cullen Skink in a posh Hotel in London and did not even recognise it as a fish soup, I asked who the Chef was and they said Bulgarian?? now that was dangerous. As I said many recipes, I have had it with Mashed potato instead of cubed or sliced but as long as the fish is real smoked Haddock and not that bright yellow dyed stuff it is Skink. Herbs vary with season and even had leeks in it, every household has its own recipe and most of them very good.


Yesterday late afternoon, cold heavy rain and hail very windy. Today, still cold sunny intervals.

Hello ,windy &  cold , waiting for the rain , put heating on first thing , off again - Lincoln 

Only had fish soup 🍜 in Frances it was very nice 

GWRS Only had fish soup in Frances??? now that raises a myriad of scenarios in my brain, have you got the pictures? Once had Skink in Whitby with local smoked Kipper added, lovely, we all have our own recipes

Still sunny although a cold breeze is now bending the bushes and has started the Central Heating away.



Love Cullen skink ... make it here quite often 

The weather here today is horrid ... heavy hailstorms leaving the ground completely covered and setting off the car alarm ... then a spell of bright sunshine raising the hope that the bad stuff is over, then another hail storm ............... but the lowest temp in the back garden last night was 3C, so not as bad as it could have been.  


Dove, Heart breaking when all your work in the garden gets battered like that one reason most of the plants up here are still in the greenhouse. My Wife used to make Cullen Skink with any veg in season as well as the fish potato and parsley so we often got leeks or anything growing fresh in the garden. It would be a family meal with hunks of fresh baked bread. Funny the meals we grew up with all those many years ago are still our favourite eating experiences.


Still no sign of the rain forecast for Monday. There is a cold wind but the sky is mainly blue. If this keeps up I am going to have to start watering with the hose as my rain butts are nearly empty.

Thanks for the low down on Cullen Skink - it does sound very tasty. I am not sure if we have an alternative recipe here - I imagine fishermen's families here will know.  We have conger eel soup in Guernsey (not for me personally) but many old fishermen's wives would have made that for their families. 

Weather here - we had a sprinkling of rain overnight, not enough to fill the water butts, but nothing today except sunshine and a cool wind.  Still the weather men say we will have rain - well let's have it - we desperately need some.


No chance of eating out side today, only 2° this morning, 5° by lunchtime, grey and windy. The odd shower.

Good morning , overcast , rain forecast , hopefully no hail today 

Stockton on the famous BBC Tees is dull today, you get so used to it being sunny it comes as a shock, at least it is not raining though it may have done overnight, colder though.

G.D. Stationed at Bordon on an engineering course we got every week end off, no chance of going home as the train from London took nine hours. We had a group of Eastenders who took me home with them I got bed board and beer, they would not let me put my hand in my pocket. I was taken to the jellied eel shop, the best thing you will ever taste, I took a mouthful, the biggest mistake I ever made. Spit it out? no they will be upset, just be sick? no, in the end I ran for the toilet and it was half and half, my breakfast came up as well. When I got back they laughed it off saying it is an acquired taste. Those families had nothing yet were the jolliest people I ever met. When we got to Catterick I returned the favour, Mother had bodies on truckle beds all over the house. Lovely people all.


PS, the sun suddenly lit the room up, sneaked up on me.


The car showed -2C when I left for work this morning. Lovely and bright now but still cold.

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