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We were hoping for heavy rain last night but don't think we have much more than a gentle shower. It's  supposed to be raining heavily at the moment but nothing happening - a very frustrating few days of mizzle and not much more and no progress filling the water butts at all.

I water very little in the garden but do need water for my greenhouse and we used all the waterbutts to fill our re-lined pond back in March. I think we have had no more than half a butt of rain since then : (

if anyone has had enough of their rain can they send some (full) rain clouds to Birmingham please!


Chrissie, I have sent the rain  to those who need it.

Blue sky and sun today.


have just read your post and at the same moment I hear the sound of 'proper' rain. Fingers crossed it lasts and thank you very much 😊💦💦

Good morning , just got back of a nice sunny holiday and it is now raining ☔️ heavy and set for the day 

Everything has grown so well while been away 

Stockton on Tees the weather is up and down like a yo-yo. Woke to sunshine, shower and breakfast not at the same time, ready to go for a hair cut and it clouded over. Now it is bright and warm though it may have been sunny and i could not see it through my fringe of long hair, well I can see it now. I asked the Barber if he did HP he said not now if Labour get in and Tax business he will sell up and leave, makes you think.




Got to 32.5 here yesterday.

27.5C at 9am but it has clouded over and got gradually cooler and even tried to rain so now we're at 17.5C with a chilly north-westerly making it feel cooler.  Need to change my strappy top for one with sleeves and then go and plant treasures in my newly cleared bed under the silk tree.

Same here fidgetbones, been non-stop since about 9.30 this morning. We've had enough of this wet now, so please turn the tap off and let's have some sunshine.

Had a huge volume of rain over the last few days. The winner is the pond which is looking much clearer but the loser is my French Lavender which looks saturated and bedraggled. 

Sunshine and blue sky from very early over Stockton on Tees, it is clear over the river valley to the Hills. Looking down to the woods there is a slight steamy mist rising over them, the Squirrels will be sunbathing and the beck side a cloud of yellow and white as the wild garlic pushes up and flowers. Memories of walking Benji.


Good morning , lovely and sunny , however , heavy rain forecast again Tommrow 


Tipping with rain, 11° in Dordogne. 29° yesterday!

You should have a drier day tomorrow Busy - it has been dry here all day, calm and reasonably sunny.


Lovely sunny morning, persistent rain all afternoon.


A beautiful, warm and sunny day 



I hope so GD, now that it's been watered I would like to get on with weeding and planting.

Fabulously sunny weekend and the weeks forecast is great 👍 

Wonder Jonny Canoe is getting on in Canada 🇨🇦?

Hope you are all having good weather 

Yes we are too GWRS - not seen anything from Johnny Canoe for a while. Beautiful weather and warmer now too.  More people are swimming without wetsuits too.

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