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Had a storm last night that went on for two hours, apparently was 76 strikes per minute. Although it was in Plymouth Sound, these good view was from St Austell about 30 miles away. Was also seen very well from Exmoor.

Oops,  wrong vid, will come back in a mo😀

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Impressive lightning Lyn !

Plenty of lightning last night, but no thunder and no rain. It is a lovely day here today.

Another nice day , the wind blew the rain clouds over us , water tubs getting very low 


Thunder and rain this morning, thunder, lightning and rain tonight.  Luckily dry for the afternoon, so we visited an open garden and before that a sea front special.


 Storm clouds rolling in yesterday, this one passed by with only a short, sharp shower. Overnight we had a series of storms and heavy rain. Bright at the moment with more storms forecast for the afternoon.

We had heavy rain very early in the morning for Redditch.

Rain over night and now nice gentl rain ☔️ so should soak in nice , all water butts nearly empty  just what was needed 

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