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The garden has been thoroughly watered, apple tree has parted with dozens of apples and the gazebo has blown over. Sunday is forecast dry thank goodness. 

Hello , Lincoln does seem to miss the worst of the rain , however , in winter we do get cold blasts from Scandinavia 

Yes GWRS, from memory your winters are a lot colder and drier than down here in Gsy., and your summers are drier too but I think our summers may be warmer than yours on the whole.

Morning, showers forcast yesterday, it was a nice day, around 22d bit breezy, raining at half midnight, not heavy but welcome.When I saw the forcast for the weekend on Friday (BBC1) it said showers Sunday

Damp and breezy here today - really doesn't feel like July - but the promise of better weather to come.



Showers started at about 1pm but the sunny intervals got shorter and shorter until it was constant rain which looks like it'll go on now til dark.  Forecast here is similar for tomorrow.


Very, very heavy showers 2 hours go, looks like a lot of snapped plants, even the gutter started leaking and flooding one of the roses & other pots  it was like this last night too.. I remember a few years ago when our entire family business was flooded by flash showers, the fire brigade helped to pump a lot out - thankfully that's a distant memory. 

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