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Had a few spits of rain coming back from the vets, I found the nursery Yah, bought a few goodies to tide the garden over till winter


Lovely day here in Cheshire and I should get my washing dry. I had a Pyracantha removed on Tuesday as OH was struggling each year to keep it in check. Thank goodness the weather allowed the young men to get on with the job. I would think twice now before planting anything so prickly.🙄

Lovely day here, breezy, dry and sunny.  Not quite Autumn but we seem to have missed out on a good summer this year - is it just me that feels this way? However I do prefer a lower summer temperature rather than frying in the heat.


Rain, rain and more rain. Pretty windy too, not warm. Feeling sorry for those on holiday in Dordogne. Feeling happy for my plants. Bet the courgettes are swelling like mad, but don't feel like going out to the veg garden in the rain to find out.

I think everyone complains about the English summer, but it is just great for plants. Here (Brazil) we haven't had any rain for about six weeks and it could be six more before we get any. It is a hell of a job keeping everything watered!



can we swap some Devon rain for some Brazilan sun and heat please?


Sunday was hot, yesterday quite warm, today thunder and lots of rain.

A couple of really heavy showers this morning , then this afternoon fabulous , shame been in doors 

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