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Here in Carmarthenshire we had some rain early this morning.

Now it is dry with thick cloud cover and everywhere has turned yellow-orange in colour.

It's strangely still, with just the occasional sharp gust and there are few birds singing, just the crows calling as they fly and a couple of sparrows chattering.

The air has a strange smell to it too, sort of smoky - I guess the chimney smoke and traffic fumes are holding in the hot, humid atmosphere.

The moon was blood-red in colour and high in the sky this morning at 9:30am.

It's really peculiar, kind of like how it was during the solar eclipse, but a lot stuffier!

Definately seems like the proverbial 'calm-before-the-storm'.

I heard that in Aberystwyth, they recorded temperatures of 22 C at about a quarter to 9 this morning.

It doesn't normally get that warm in the summer until late morning!

I hope everyone stays safe and doesn't suffer much damage.

Papi Jo

Weird sun and skies here in Brittany. Photos taken around midday.


fine dust dragged up from the Sahara might be the cause.

Stockton N.E. that was a flash in the pan from my earlier report, the sun vanished the lights had to go on and the sun glasses returned to their hiding hole never to be seen again. The North Sea strikes again nothing to do with the other side of the Pennines storm. Oh well roll on tomorrow.


PS seen sights like that Papa Jo but I was in the Sahara at the time.


The sun and sky here in warwickshire this morning it has now cleared to a nice sunny day.

All due to the wild fires in Portugul so they say on the news


That would explain the smoky smell in the air this morning then I suppose!

I thought it might be the chimney smoke, but the smell was even there in the wilds of the Breacon Beacons, far from any fires.

Papi Jo

Sand from the Sahara desert + smoke from the Portugal fires.

Agree strange coloured sky’s and sun this morning but now cleared , wind not to bad , in Swindon at moment 


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