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Sitting here on a horrible wet day, so am looking through the seed catalogues and I wondered what new seeds forumers were going to grow next year. I must say a piece of cake would help the decision making. Nevermind spicy meatballs for tea and a warming bottle of red


I had decided I wouldn't grow so many plants from seed next year. There's still hundreds waiting to be planted now. But then the seed swap comes round and off I go again. I've already started and there are seedlings. Digitalis grandiflora and a white mallow, both up. Several other sown.

Now I think I'll have a look at a few seed companies. Plant World seeds,  Derry Watkins,  Chiltern. That will do for a start. 


I've been buying seed for about 3 months now and they are all stored in the garage fridge I must get them out and have a look at what I’ve got


I did collect some from my Dahlia so that will be exciting just to see what colour they come out at






Pd - I'll be round later with a cake 

Foxgloves for me I think. And more veg possibly.


Have a look James, you may have got some that need sowing now



I normally buy plug bedding plants from a mail order firm but next year I thought I'd grow more from seed. I was in the big garden centre in Newhaven in September and bought lots, including the Ladybird poppies we'd seen when we visited Great Dixter in June. They looked stunning. Bought mustard and cress too as they don't sell it in France then I gave it to my grandson last weekend. Must get some more in November when we go back to the UK.

We had steak Diane (very 70s! yum) and a warming bottle of red. Rained all day.

Cleome - they look fab, and i had no idea you could grow them from seed. And some more lupins - never liked them before, but am now a convert

Haven't decided yet (just getting the catalogues in for the usual nights of Winter browsing - it's not quite the same doing on the web!)  I usually grow hardy perennials, shrubs and trees from seed which can be quite challenging but very rewarding as the natural variation you get in seed sown plants can produce unique specimens.


Seed I have in my fridge to date

Lobelia “Monsoon” Trailing

                Sow       January-April

Parsley “Italian Giant Flat Leaf”

                Sow       April

Basil “Genovese” (Ocimum Basillicum)

                Sow       April

Mountain Cornflower “Centaurea Montana” Hardy Perennial

Sow       August

Cornflower “blackberry Fizz”

                Sow       Mar-May                            Flowers                                June-September

Cherry Tomato “Cerise”

                Sow        March-April                       Harvest                                June-October

Radish “Sparkler 3”

                Sow       March-September          Harvest                                April-October

Parsley “plain Leaved 2”

                Sow       January-December         Harvest                                January-October

Tarragon “Russian”

                Sow       March-May                        Harvest                                May-October

Sunflower “Autumn Time”

                Sow       March-May

Onion “spring” Ishikura

                Sow       March-July                          Harvest                


Sweet Corn “sparrow F1”

                Sow March-May                               Harvest                                August-September

Onion “spring White Lisbon”

                Sow March-September                 Harvest                                March-September

Californian poppy “single Mixed”

                Sow March-May OR June-October

Wallflower “single Mixed”

                Sow April-July                                    Flowers                                March-May

Hollyhock “Nigra Single”               

                Sow March-May

Canterbury Bell “Cup and saucer Mix”

                Sow April-June

Gazania “sunshine Mixed”

                Sow February-April

Michaelmas Daisy “aster novi-belgil mixed

                Sow Not known

Thyme “purple Creeping” Thymus Serpyllum”

                Sow April

Carnation “violets”

                Sow April I think

Sweet Pea “Lathyrus Odoratus, Black Knight”

                Sow December

Chilli “Serrano”

                Sow February-May                         Harvest                               

Tomato “Sun gold F1”

                Sow March-April

Tomato “Sun Cherry F1”

                Sow March-April

Mexican Hat “Ratibida



Mexican Hat “Ratibida

                Sow Not Known

Malva Sylvestris “Zebrina”

                Sow Not Known 

As you can see by my list some of the information is incomplete, I would be gratefully of guidance also advice.

I think I have some more seeds hiding some were I will add them when I find them all so would anyone like the Malva as I bought this and the found out they are a very high plant.



Gosh - are you trying to rival the Millenium seed bank .  Good luck with them all.  I find Google a pretty good source for sowing times etc if you have lost the packet, or if they were collected from plants.

hollie hock

Haven't really decided yet, already got some hardy annuals on the go. Will probably go for more of what worked for me this year, cleomes, statice, cosmos, some more ruddekeias. Will be having more of ago at propagating plants from roots and cuttings (mind you say that every year). Had good success of taking lupin cuttings and hardy gereniums, and managed to get some bowels mauve cuttings to root


James, this is a useful site to help with sowing times

also plant world seeds  give sowing advice 

the ratibida aren't hardy so I wouldn't sow them too early. 

Asters seed in the garden so may well like a chill to get them going. Cold GH in jan or Feb maybe.


I just cannot get agastache to germinate, tried several sorts. Help! Where's Verdun??

Clueless, I have some of the ones on your list and lots others, but not your patience to type them! 



Has anyone grown Melianthus major to flowering size in one season. I like the look of it , but wonder if I would be better overwintering as a small plant indoors, and then going for it with lots of feed the following year.?

I get best results from Brugmansia this way. Ist year I grow the rooted cutting on, 2nd year it goes in a large pot, 3rd year I stick them in the ground. They usually grow such a large root system that they can't be dug up,(and the frost kills them) but I start again with cuttings.


Brum - I remember quite a few people saying they had trouble with Verbena bonariensis earlier this year. May have been the weather this winter/spring. They are quite slow if you start them early, but as soon as it warms up they grow well. I'm hoping mine survive the winter, but if not I'll sow more in spring.

Surprised to see the sowing time for that sweet pea James. Usually you can sow from now to overwinter or in the spring straight outside. Sounds a nice one though!


I had lots of sweet peas this year for the house, but I want some other flowers that I can line out in the veg patch and then cut for the house. I am still cutting dahlias and cosmos.

hollie hock

Don't know how they would go with the veg patch fidget, rudebekias do well here as cut flowers, they are still going



fidget I have grown melianthus from seed but, it took about three years to make a decent plant. They dont flower for me not hot enough in summer. Mine stays in a pot and comes into porch over winter.