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Hi Mike,  I hope you are feeling OK and just staying up late to cause trouble

I will go for the easiest one - 4thPanda just has to be bamboo hasn't she


What fun Mike 

I think Verdun's plant is an Echium Pininana  - it is tall and silvery as is Verdun.  It is also tender - and I think we all know Verdun has a tender heart.  It's loved by the bees and I know he loves the wildlife in his garden.

It doesn't like the winter, and I suspect that Verdun longs for the summer sunshine, and it will not grow in the UK outside Cornwall - and we all know that if Verdun crosses the Tamar he'll disappear as if Fairygirl has waved her magic wand. 


Good answer Dove, well thought out, but I associate Verdun with agastaches and grasses!

This is a hard one. But Chicky likes flowers and has chicklets which sort of makes me think of lupins. But I don't know if she's tall or short!

Dove's are silvery and soft, so I was thinking Stachys Byzantina, but I don't know if she likes it. She's just made a pond and that's more for dry places.

Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

....Dove's are silvery and soft, so I was thinking Stachys Byzantina, but I don't know if she likes it. She's just made a pond and that's more for dry places.


Well, I've certainly 'embraced the silver' as my hairdresser says (much cheaper without the colouring) and although we have a pond in the back garden, the Stachys might be just what we need out in the west facing front garden 


I think KEF will be tall, slender & elegant with a good head of flowers ( hair) maybe a dandelion

I think Chicky needs a vibrant flower head

I think this thread will be funny or naughty

Can't comment on Dove or Lizzie as I've seen photos of you both so not fair to guess.


KEF wrote (see)

...........I think this thread will be funny or naughty  .............

I think it'll be both 


I do like bamboo. . . but not sure where I'd put it (besides my tummy ) also worried about it spreading (just like my tummy )



Changed my mind KEF will be sturdy at base and not much happening up top

Lily I see as chocolate cosmos, sweet and pretty with dark hair.

Archie only one plant springs to mind curry plant.

DavidK sweet pea? dunno need to ponder that one. Maybe one more boisterous and unique  Nothing ill meant David x


Panda should be something that makes you smile, maybe Pansies or Polyanthus with cheery faces.

I imagine Verdun to be majestic, superior,charming, elegant, physically strong, mentally  astute and very, very humble.    So, what better plant than subtle cannas?

Dove.......the clematis queen, pond fanatic, wildlife comcerned and charming and friendly as those smiling violas.

Fairy....... Brooms.  Broomstick etc.  (oh, that magic!!  Lovely brooms of course ). But an impression of a very hard worker so maybe an ever flowering sweet pea

Busy?  I associate with busy lizzies, of course.  Her self chosen handle implies her fondness for them.

Punkdoc?  The blue Himalayan poppy.

orchid Lady......orchids.  Hey! This is easy 

Supernoodle I imagine to be carefree, spontaneous and far from retiring so perhaps a lover of dahlias

Nutcutlet?  Trees? 

Italophile....what else but tomatoes.  The king!

Woody!  Alpines and lush lawns. 

KEF?  well, she strikes me as being a kindly sort, reliable but deep so perhaps an evergreen hellebore 

Hostafan, not sure on this one....ha ha

Could have a field day here .......

Interesting now to see how others add to this list of character assassinations. 


Fairy me thinks as oriental poppy, few prickles at base but when she opens a stunner and something to be admired.

Thank you Verdun happy with that   However I am 5' 10"tall  and look like a ballerina my dreams


Mike, since we know what you look like I have to say bearded Iris  


I imagined KEF being tall and blonde, now I know she is tall! I thought of a tall yellow lily, except there is already a lily here but she is pink.

Nutcutlet I thought of as a hazel tree, she's a bit of a tree expert and you can put hazelnuts in your nutcutlets.

Fairy I'd thought of dierama, Angel's Fishing Rod, could be used by a fairy too.

Orchid Lady is Tracey, she sounds fun and younger than some so I thought Snapdragon, used to play with them when I was a child.


Lizzie I was  I'm 5'3". 


Oh, then a short yellow lily! You are the same height as me.




Nut must be sage, nothing to do with image just knowlege.

Dove passiflora, passion for gardening & our forum, and she does have a young undergardener  I'll slap my wrists


Lizzie can I be a purple one ?

I don't know anyone well enough *sniffle*

i don't know anyone enough either.. sigh.. never time to join in enough, ah.. except orchid lady!! kef and lizzie 5"3" is the perfect height .. guess how tall i am?!!

ps fantastic thread Mike!