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Hey up Swiss sue what a lovely country to live I did an old Jag up years ago wiv me bruver took 8 years and much money.

Hey up Rosa give em plenty of well rotted hoss muck as we call it up here in Yorkshire.


Lucky to have a large garden on outskirts of Sheffield. I dont grow veg [ dont know why seeing as I love my food. Either that or Im pregnant ] Have an old orchard which has some very  unproductive apple trees and is otherwise wild, but contains my greenhouse and shed. In the main garden there is a natural pond fed by a stream which runs right through the garden. Over the years I have dug more and more flower beds that are planted in various different styles. I love plants of all types and delight in growing new stuff from seed [ although I do like a trip to the GC or a few hours online sourcing something new ] I love my boggy bed which is just as well seeing as the garden regularly floods and am particularly fond of the hot bed which in summer is home to cannas, dahlias and lots of annuals. Also have a large expancse of dry shade under two huge beech trees. I used to think that this was impossible to cultivate, but over the years with a bit more experience and a lot of suck it and see it is starting to look ok. Hope I havent bored you with the length of this post but I have been stuck inside all day as was too wimpy to try and garden in the snow.

Hey up nigelcoad never bored listening to folks talking about their gardens and projects in their gardens Me grandad could talk for an hour about a window box and not repeat owt.No nigelcoad it sounds like an interesting garden make a raised bed and get some veg going you wont regret it. Regards Brian Cooper nice to hear from you.

Hey Up wintersong I like the name I,ll bet your gardens a right smasher mindst with all the graft youve put in it you deserve it.You strike me as being a perfectionist good on yer I hope you get the results you are aiming for. Its hard work but by heck its worth it Regards to you and your willing helper.


Lilyloiuse, what a lovely, lovely garden. It got better and better as you,filmed it. Great combinations of colours plus fruit and veg all looking superb. A highly skilled plantswoman aren t you, Louise?

Now Hey Up lilylouise that is some garden.All the work and love thats gone into it gets my vote for the best int show make no mistake any one would be pleased as punch to have a garden like that sat outside your house its credit to you.In fact to use a favorite saying O mine you can give the pianoes out ter class int mornin. Regards Brian.


Pam's garden is incredible. I've seen photos before. NigelCoad's garden is very lovely, seen photos on another thread.

I live in Dordogne, France and I have made a flower garden out of an old farmyard that was a mass of brambles and nettles when we moved to this house 22 years ago. Not the easiest climate as the winters are cold and the summers can be very hot, also there was a drought in 2011 and this winter it's always raining or snowing. We've had to fence the flower garden main bit as the deer came in from the forest and ate all my flowers and roses. I have a veg garden too, quite big, had to fence that as well. Clay and limestone here, but much improved now as loads of manure and compost added over the years. A photo is the easiest way to show you.

 This is spring last year.


Verdun and Brumbull sends shivers down to places I didnt know I could anymore best bloomin garden I seen in years inluding some of the illustrious designers . But they do it fer brass that lady does it out of love. 


PamI didn't realise just how lovely it is. And even the winter pictures I have seen look amazing. I don't wonder you take so many cuttings 

Shame therre isn't an envy smiley 

OH deer me Busy Lizzie fancy those rotten French deers eating yer flowers Your garden is beautiful I could imagine sitting out on a lovely summers evening sipping the wine native to France very impressive lass.


Oh my word Lilylouise your garden is absolutely beautiful...inspirational even! You have so many flowers in a retatively small space at the front. It has inspired and given me lots of ideas for my garden. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Hmmmm must go and buy more seeds tomorrow.... I'm sure if I shuffle things around a bit I can squeeze a few more seed trys in somewhere.... 


Ah beautiful Busy-Lizzie. Yes I too can imagine sitting there sipping a cool glass of wine and a hot summer evening.....ahhhhh

Then I look out of the window and see my little haven which is postage stamp like compared to yours  

But its yours tattianna its yours enjoy and be thankful.Sorry I sound like a Parson.



Oh I know Brian and I am very thankful and in all honesty I wouldn't know what to do with a huge garden so I'll be content with what I've got and make the best I can of it and who know perhaps later this year I'll be posting photos of by beautiful garden  

That sounds like a better bet than some of those horses I backed at Cheltenam last week tattianna.

Thankyou very much for watching my video and for all your lovely comments
It is my Hubby who does all the hard work in our garden - my jobs are growing the plants,watering and looking after my greenhouses which are my passion
We both love our garden
We also have 2 allotments
Pam LL x
hollie hock

Mines a flower garden, trying to develop a county garden, have a very tiny veg plot too


Thank you from me too for your nice comments.