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Secret Squirrel

Hi, just been today clearing the last of the summer annuals in the my raised flower beds, and I have found quite a lot of caterpillars. They were about half to an inch long and a kind of pale dirty olive green colour

I was throwing them on the grass, much to the robins delight. The plants I had in there were french marigolds, lobelia and silver dust.

Any idea what the caterpillars might have been?


Hard to tell without a photo - were they on plants or in the soil?


Did they look like this?


If so it's a leatherjacket (larvae of crane fly) and you did exactly the right thing - let the birds have them.

But can you find some more and show us a photo just to be sure?



Secret Squirrel

thats em! I have just crossed ref. it with Goggle Image. I do not think I'll find anymore, thats me finished clearing borders and raised flower beds for this year.

Thanks for your help Dovefromabove, coo coo


Little blighters - but a nice dinner for the robin.

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