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Orchid Lady

KEF, when I go on holiday I'm not taking my phone or iPad.......I want total relaxation.  I will use one of the boy's just to text home to say we arrived ok and that will be my last contact with GB for a week.....bliss  And if I can I will avoid any news too so I can escape all the horrible things going on in the world.

On my perfect day it would be warm enough to open the french doors to the garden and feel as though I was outside whilst doing the inside jobs of the day. Then into the garden: weeding, digging, planning and sunning myself of course. The day would end with the family coming for a bbq where there was no need to take it in turns to hold the umbrella and the salad doesn't blow off the plates.

Beaus Mum

Some lovely stories and some tall stories! All perfect days 


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