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I have just posted on  Latest Posts and described what might be a perfect day for me. What would be yours ?  I know we could say flying to the Maldives for a month or winning the lottery , but I mean a perfectly ordinary day that would bring you great pleasure.  

Sunshine, swifts in a blue sky. Maybe a walk with the dog, and a sleep on the hammock

Forgot to say veggie full english for brekkie
Orchid Lady

My perfect day would be very simple.....all the HW done (including washing/ironing), a walk along the beach with my dogs then back home to my house on the edge of the beach overlooking the sea (that bit is a dream) to sit down with a drink of something nice and cold with a good book, surrounded by lots of beautiful flowers,including agapanthus, lavender, sweet peas, stocks, cosmos.......the list is endless  And of course they would all be perfect, not weather beaten, drooping, broken or in need of deadheading 

Oh it's nice to dream 

In reality, perfect for me would be absolutely nothing at all to do in the house, dinner prepared for me so that I could just sit and read and enjoy my garden without feeling guilty.......that's probably more of a dream than the first post, it will never happen!!



At the moment I  have the odd perfect day already   which for me is  a day  of   pot t e ring      in the garden  ,being able or to achieve clearing the long border     e t c . 

I don't ask for a lot for me it's the simple things in life.

I love working in the garden .I am my happiest. 


Getting up to a perfectly tidy/clean house with breakfast waiting for me.  IIt would be late May and there would be a blue sky with a little breeze.  The garden would be nice and tidy and there would be two spaces in the garden crying out for new plants.  I would then go the garden centre find exactly the right plants (at half price) have a cream tea and return home to plant them.  In the evening Hubby would cook a lovely meal and we would eat it outside with a nice chilled glass of Pinot blush.  He would then clean everything up. That's perfection.



Waking up in the morning then realising that I don't have to go to work anymore as I'd retired.  Just a few years to go (I hope - never know with governments like this one!)

star gaze lily

A sunny day spent with my family.....a day at the beach or a picnic by the river or just at home eating Sunday lunch cooked for me.

And fresh clean sheets every day......

star gaze lily

Awww Smokin Donkey,  what a sad story, but with a very happy ending.

Orchid Lady

What a lovely story SD, sadly there are still too many dogs (and other animals) that need just as much care, if there were more people willing to rescue unwanted pets they would have a happier life. 


Smokin Donkey - hope the police charged the two daughters with cruelty. I hope Roxsanne will be able to stay with you for the rest of her life - you are very kind..

I think my really perfect day would be to wake up, turn radio on and find that the world had finally come to it's senses and wars had been miraculously abolished.

Unlikely so I think it would just have to be a walk thru woodland watching and listening.......oh, and no bloody wind either  

Orchid Lady

'Imagine' Philippa....John Lennon wanted that too and I'm also with you, but sadly it will never happen 


I would wake to a lovely summer morning at home.

Sun out, road blocked off so no traffic noise, all neighbours on hols, having had gentle rain overnight all things would be nicely watered for the day. Grass would have been cut previous day and all weeding would have been done. Someone would have cut phoneline and my mobile would have been lost. Only downside no forum

I would float about in fine satin and inspect the garden and decide what bit of deadheading I'd do in my pretty white garden gloves. All the veg would have been harvested and if not eaten, frozen. I'd happily water in the GH's and then have a cup of tea in a fine china cup on the patio and watch the birds feed.

Then after showering, pampering myself and applying sun cream I'd ...... 

go digging, messing and getting dirty feet, nails and clothes. Bet those that "know" me thought I'd lost the plot with the above

Hard to just sit and appreciate your garden isn't it ? Wish we could all learn to do that.


Smoking donkey. You made me very tearful reading your post. What a wonderful end to her suffering. Thank you SD. I have owned several dogs including 3 G.S's, they are the most loving, loyal dogs. My last dog never left my side either. Stuck to me like glue. I would have them again tomorrow if I could.    But I can't .

Thanks to all who posted , it's lovely to read that most people are happy doing such simple things had me worried for a minute (especially the white gloves ! ) have a wonderful imagination.......a perfect day indeed

Runnybeak.....a nice gentle thread which allows us to indulge ourselves....and why not ?........before tomorrow brings the usual problems


Smokindonkey, that just made me cry! Lots of love to roxanne x

What a nice thread. Not sure I could describe a perfect day for me. It wouldn't be in the garden though - it would be walking on a hill on a good bright day, forgetting all the usual stuff we all have to deal with. Just enjoying the fresh air,  the wildlife and the views. 

Lovely posts on here 

star gaze lily

I thought someone had stolen 'our Kef' for a moment,......phew 

S d      as some one who also has fostered ,or started off fostering and not being able to part with them so ended up adopting and have had dogs who h as 've been cruelly treated I do know what you doesn't matter about how bad they smell you just want to help , don't you , you just get on with it, wanting to give an animal a better and as much love as you can  to stop the hurt, you look at the dog ,cradle the dog and give a silent promise that they are now safe and the first day of a new careing life ?

Your rewarded tenfold .my last dog was rescued from a busy motorway ,skin and bone only a few months old and very frightened. Two days earlier we had just taken in a  old dog who had been b r a y e d   and thrown in a shed ,left for 3 days and this was a nurse who did this to him. This made us five dogs. It's hard and you get very emotional  But you do it don't you?

It made me cry reading about her , but  so pleased she found you  

S d   I wondered if you could post a photo of your little /big girl Roxsanne  . 


SD and Cagrand. - the world is a better place because of wonderful people like you. What touching kindness. Thank you from someone who loves animals too x x