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Tonight salmon and cauliflower cheese - OH will have saute potatoes -hope ther'e's carrots. After will be rest of Tarte Tatin from yesterday

Maybe a glass rose wine - have to see - long way off this evening

Shrinking Violet

Roast Exmoor lamb with plenty of garlic stuffed into slits in the skin, with onions, rosemary and cider to sit it on (makes a wonderful gravy).  Usual roast potatoes and parsnips with lots of green veg to accompany it, with mint sauce, of course.  Apple pie and custard for dessert.


Maud in the garden, Have you considered Sussex Pond Pudding. It only involves fresh lemon and is absolutely delish! Look for a recipe online, I think there are several.


Tonights supper is comfort food 'cos I've got the lurgy - homemade chicken and veg soup from stock made last week, and served with fluffy dumplings 


Pie and mash with onion gravy tonight, the dark weather is making me want comfort food.

Last night we had cold pulled pork and salad, with lemon drizzle cake for afters.



Just made Toad in Hole using Violets hint of putting in bacon lardons as well.

OH now doing veg - broccoli, bit of cauli, carrot, and OH and son will have potatoes.  Blueberry compost I hope

Caz W

We can never choose between Cauliflower Cheese or Macaroni Cheese so tonight we had "Caulironi Cheese" .  Plum Crumble & Custard for pudding.  As Leggi says the weather makes us want comfort food.


Lovetogarden--I have made this with evaporated milk, and full fat cream--it's all good. I have used tinned pumpkin, and pureed pumpkin roasted in the oven. I have even done it with pureed roasted sweet potatoes.It's delicious, and I always get compliments. The rum and molasses makes a big difference.



Fish fingers,mash and peas with apple and blueberry crumble and custard for pud

Pam LL x


Nothing like blueberry compost!!! - delicious!


Inkadog --  Thanks very much for the info regarding Pumpkin Pie, I will be trying it in the near future and will let you know how I get on, sounds delish, just need a few people round to sample it, the family will no doubt oblige.

Today we will be having chicken in some form or other, haven't decided what as yet


Fish chips (thin) and peas from freezer. OH question master at pub tonight so hasn't time to cook properly

Made a wonderful macaroni cheese last night and have some left over for today.


Supper tonight will be a fritatta with potatoes, yellow peppers, onion and chorizo and Baby gem lettuce with a lemon and EVOO dressing 


Love fritatta, i tend to use up lots of bits and pieces when i make it. I also do a bottom of the fridge soup which tastes better than it sounds


We've got  visitors for about an hour this evening, so I'll cook the veg and chorizo before they come, then when they leave all I've got to do is beat up the eggs and pour them into the hot pan and supper is served 


I love bottom of fridge/veg rack soup!

Tonight is posh veg-filled pasta with my red pepper pasta sauce over. I always make more than need & freeze left-over. Cheese & tomato flatbread & sauce out of freezer plus some olives too. Quick & easy after a day in garden. J.


Pork patties,new potatoes,cabbage,carrots and gravy

I have a mango and 2 kiwi fruits to use up for pudding - with a yoghurt

Pam LL x


Stir fry chicken with stir fry Kale and I think Chard. Grapes to follow after my pressie! But then I have been munching them most of afternoon.