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Slow roast duck stuffed with grated ginger and bramley, Carrot 'ribbons' steamed, possibly roast potatoes.


pork steaks, roasted, with cabbage, carrot and potatoes, WW fromage frais for afters


Chick pea, aubergine & mushroom tagine with cous cous.

Do it in saucepan though, despite having a tagine to use! J.

Caz W
Bjay wrote (see)

Nothing like blueberry compost!!! - delicious!

Hey Bjay - just saw Nigel Slater on TV making a dessert he calls "Compost Crumble" - must be copying you


You heard it here first! 



Am I the only one doing this now

Hairy Bikers Singapor Noodles - delish and good for diets, followed by more 'compost'

Jean Genie

No - I'll join you tonight. Treat. Rump steak with peppercorn sauce, green beans. button mushrooms and twice baked tatties stuffed with bacon lardons. cheese, and topped with parmasan. Was going to have choux buns but I feel a bit like the potatoes now

The potty gardener

I really fancied fish and chips.Sent son to get some and he came back with pizza!!!

I fancied pizza all week...but resisted temptation... you really can't make them better than a home toppings are good but I can't make a base I now buy a thin crispy pizza with little topping then add my own     

Tuna bake and salad for tea.

Does anyone know when Comet are actually closing, I'd like an Amerian fridge freezer but they're a tab bit expensive, me thinks this could be an opportunity to get one half price currently stuff is only 10% off at the store near us though.  




Last night we had aubergine,courgette and tomato pasta bake thingy with garlic bread and apple crumble and custard for pud

Today I am pot roasting brisket and having mash,broccoli and parsnip and carrot mash with it - rest of the apple crumble for pud

Pam LL x


Slow roasted shoulder of Lamb, mint sauce, brussels, carrots,  boulangerie potatoes, gravy, followed by something made with apples?-- maybe apple crump, sort of halfway between crumble and cobbler.


Lazy day yesterday and had a takeaway curry.Always starving bythe time it arrives. Today is roast chicken, roast sweet potatoes and parsnips and probably carrots and broccoli. Yoghurt for pudding


I alsways feel so hungry when I read these poats. I love the sound of the vegetable pasta bake thingy. 

Just been out and dug up 2 leeks and pulled a red cabbage. That sounds great but it is in fact the only red cabbage I have managed to grow so we will celebrate it tonight. With a gammon joint - not sure whether to bake or boil in cider at moment, Probably cider. More fruit compost for afters. left over from last night, wondering if I can treat myself to a scoop of ice cream with it 


Spicey beefy Minestrone soup with cheese on toast tonight, Victoria Sponge for afters, although substitute sponge for biscuit as the other half's first attempt at one wasn't the greatest success. 



Bjay - can I ask how you cook your red cabbage,please? We have grown it for the first time this year and have 4 lovely ones in the veggie patch

Pam LL x



 only one of my attempts grew! Am buying different seed next year. OH has a wonderful way with the cabbage, spicy, tasty,not sloppy I will ask him when he comes out of the bath

Have decided to make a sauce out of some apple chutney and a dash of wine. Made the chutney couple of years ago,very spicy

Caz W

Busy day working in my mother's garden and later my own so only just had enough energy left to make a quick spaghetti bolognese. 


Lovely pork chops from our lovely butcher, braised fennel, broccoli, plain spuds - well probably with added butter. Jelly, fruit and cream for pud.

Ooh, Pam, haven't pot roasted brisket for a while, that may have to be on the list for next w/e.

It's a bit of a faff but I do my red cabbage in the oven, having first blanched it, layering with very thin slices of apple and onion (softened in butter first), each layer dotted with butter and wine vinegar (or balsamic) a little sugar and sprinkled with nutmeg. Lid on, gas 3 for 2 hours. As it's a bit fiddly I do the whole cabbage and freeze portions for future use. I love it with really nice sausages and chutney.