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Highland Jeannie

It was smoked haddock, mash & peas, keeping it simple before the gluttony kicks in!

Oh, and followed by a mince pie (local baker -yummeee)

Hope you all enjoy your Christmas dinners tomorrow folks.


Had to cook more vegs earlier on today,  so we could have our traditional bubble & squeak tonight, with the remains of the parsnip roulade & cranberry & apple sauces. Mincepies & brandy butter for pud, yum. J.


plumstrudle; am confused is that a parsnip roulade (I think that is like a swiss role) or a parsnip remoulade (like a celeriac remoulade). Parsnip Swiss role sounds like something we need to know more about! (Especially if chocolate is involved)


Sorry artjak no chocolate involved, all savoury.

You're correct in that it's similar in construction to a swiss roll. Cooked parsnip puree, plus cream, spread over a cooked cheesy roulade & then all rolled up on chopped nuts. Daughter & my OH make it every Christmas Day. Excellent with all the roast vegs & cranberry sauce.

Tonights' meal was cooked vegs, cold cranberry sauce & cheese rissoles. J.



Plumstrudle; could we have recipe please for parsnip roulade?


Artjak- my/our version is based on one from Delia Smith's Christmas book. If you go to her website, sorry no idea of address, but shouldnt be difficult to find, then it should be there.

Over the years it's evolved, but still our favorite for Christmas. J.

Paul Hollywood made his Christmas left overs into a Chelsea type bun and included everything, Mary Berry seemed to enjoy it although I am sure she would like anything he made.
Up North we call it all Swiss Roll but then we always did call a pudding duff and made pies out of everything, I did draw the line at Banana and Cheese though.



Spanish sausage pie,sweet potato and squash mash, followed by boozy blackberry sort-of ice cream with a choice of carraway seed or stem ginger shortbread for my guests.


Hey Artjak. Tried that pud recipe a couple of times. Used plums. Guests thought it was like warm cheesecake. If I did it again might garnish with some crunchy biscuit crumbs.

Sort of roast dinner tonight - pork chops instead of a joint - but everything else as in a roast.

PS avatar is my bright new wheelbarrow that Santa brought


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