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sausages and chips and vegetables - to be decided. WW fromage frais - didn't have it last night



Do whatever you want to do -obviously anyone can start a thread-a cooking one sounds a grand idea especially during the winter-go for it.



This is supposed to be a light hearted thread for everyone to talk about whatever they like food related. The internet doesn't need to be taken so seriously, we're all friends here after all. 

Yesterday I had a lovely (tesco) chicken breast cooked with thyme from the garden and (tesco) lardons cooked with plenty of black pepper, leeks spinach and peas sweated off together and a kind of potato bake with cheese.

Tonight will be something quick from the freezer, it might be an egg beans and waffles day or a baked spud with beans and cheese. I'll see what I fancy later.

Frank, I cooked your Leek and Potato soup recipe this week, it was lovely and fed four of us as a main meal for two nights and cost about £7 with some nice bread. Although because I did it as a main I was a little naughty and added cream and cheddar just after blending. Thanks for the inspiration.

sotongeoff wrote (see)


Do whatever you want to do -obviously anyone can start a thread-a cooking one sounds a grand idea especially during the winter-go for it.


Geoff, a poster was upset this morning and if others feel the same then a new thread it will be.
With the latest posts it seems that most are quite happy to stay with the thread and chat about the food they eat, we will await the opinion poll.


Pennine Petal
Homemade asparagus soup (asparagus on offer in Sainsbugs) followed by baked potato with tuna and salad. Only just got in and had to have some bread and strawberry jam while I was waiting.



beef stew and dumplings so thick you could cut it with a knife for dessert a big cream slice lovely


Baked potato and roast onion/marrow/garlic/sweet potato cooked with a mashed tin of anchovies. Pud: Homemade ricotta mixed with honey/eggs/cinnamon, baked in pastry case.

Was very interested to see how some of you keen gardeners defend various supermarkets; I hope the companies concerned have the sense to appreciate their customers loyalty.

Caz W

Scampi and oven baked chips (made from real potatoes - not frozen ones).  Made a load of Welshcakes today which we had for our afters.  I don't mind what anyone posts on this thread - I just love reading about food.

Palaisglide wrote (see)

"Oh dear"  If you say good morning on some threads it will upset somebody and then others will say what was the point of being so brief "good morning how are things the weather is not up to much is it" and on.
If we say briefly Cottage pie, or Chops, or even cheese and tomato sandwich finish we will soon come to the end of interest and another thread closes.
Some of the interest is how we cook what we eat and this is often different region to region, north and south.
A lot of us saw our mothers produce good nutritious meals  On little money from what modern cooks would throw away hence the "offal" chat, good food easily cooked but thrown away or sneaked into some of those cheap pies sold by "err" Tospots and others. They took advantage of things available and yes I do use frozen food as a back up but add taste to it as i go. Ready meals? read the label, it may be quick and easy but my grand kids would not get them from me.
If you can afford proper butchers bakers greengrocer food shops fair enough use them and I find everything I buy gets eaten not so when I do one weekly shop at Tesco where all the girls know me and we have a good laugh, "Hello, it is nice to see a smile there have been some right grumps through here this morning" and there are lots of things I get there impossible to get elsewhere.
Cheap? I would compare my shop around bill with a one stop shopper if they wished so would question that.
Tonight, Braising steak which will cook slowly for two hours then the veg put in the pot and another hour, or is that too much information.




What upset me was the reference to Tospots- which you still repeated-which I personally found insulting-you say you use it the store-I bet you don't use it that name to their face.

Then you have to have another dig at me with the "is that too much information line?"

What you don't seem to realise is that some of us are struggling-we have to buy cheap food to eat-we can't afford butchers, farmers markets and the likes of Marks and Spencer -you are quite happy continuously to tell us how about how things were 70 years -well things are tough now -believe me.

Anyway I don't want to get into an argument- just saying how I saw it -so perhaps we can leave it there?

Dear Lady Gardener, I do use that store mainly because the large supermarkets have wiped out all the small shops and what was once the largest open market in the North of England, what we have now is a mere pittance of the thriving Town shops we had and that also goes for most other Towns. My local papers are full of letters from people trying to stop the supermarkets being built next to supermarkets already there, the reply is it is in the name of competition? why they all sell the same things and discount most of the same things then make up for it with less needed articles, it is called progress I call it cornering the market.
I have good friends in the very large shop I use and the name I use came from one of them when I asked why she was working late as with children she never did. Among the unprintable came the name I use tongue in cheek though mainly as I do not wish to advertise, being forced to use them is one thing I do not wish to give them credit.
Of course things are tough now and will get worse, having been there more than once and managed, or my wife did for us, I do know it is never easy and people on minimum wages to me are being used by the large firms who make all the profit from their labour.
The farmers market and butchers I use are nearer than the supermarket and often cheaper although mainly on a par with them and the food is fresh not stored in a warehouse for weeks, it can all be used where as throwing out stuff that had gone off (in my opinion soft carrots, black base on cabbage or like this week rotten potato's) I can pick my own then if it is not standard it is my fault.
It was not a matter of setting out to upset you or others this is not that kind of board, the shared experience of cooking when a meal can be cooked from the cupboard in the time it takes to heat a ready meal helps some as we help new gardeners hoping they will not make the mistakes we made and still do.
Sorry is all I can say.



But if you look at what folk are eating on this thread you will see that mostly it is economical: soups, sausages, cooked in various ways, beef stew, chicken etc.  A lot of us have a treat day, we do, but mostly it is basic food cooked in interesting ways.

Now lets get thread back to what it was.

Tonight we are having baked salmon (treat) with tomatoes, courgette onion as a sort of ratatouille,(last of the crops) and if i have time a banana cake made with the banana that has been ripening the last of the tomatoes

Treat will be a glass of rose wine.


Butternut squash stuffed with mince done who-knows-how yet. Pudding will be some heated up slightly heavy kiwi and apple muffins (I'm going to try a different recipe next time) and custard.May have to go out and get a bottle of wine, now you mention it bjay.


Trying to cook banana cake. New recipe and taking far longer than directions said. Did throw in a handful of blueberries that were out ofdate as well. So we may have pudding.


the trouble with sponges that have a soggy ingredient like banana is that if you do the recommended 'stick a skewer in to see if it's cooked' it always comes out soggy! I'm sure it will be lovely anyway, bjay.


Just taken it out. 1hour instaed of 30 mins, smells OK. Will Use old and trusted recipe next time. Thanks for in put Flo



tea tonight is a breakfast with all the trimmings,i love to know what people are having for tea its a light hearted thread.thankyou

Highland Jeannie

As we both spent all day in the garden, it was off to the chippy for a fish supper. Very good it was too!

Chippies up here usually sell only "fish" which is haddock; none that we've ever been to has offered a choice of fish - good job then that I now prefer haddock.  As a child I always liked "rock salmon" whatever that is called now .  They seem to make up for the lack of fish choice with a big choice of "puddings" (savoury things in skins - not sweet). There's red, white, black & haggis, maybe more in some places.

Tomorrow it'll be cajun turkey steaks, from our local butcher.  (Provided they haven't gone off in the cool box overnight - fridge has packed up! ).

Chilli and rice with garlic bread. I made a huge pan of chilli a few weeks ago trying to think of ways to use up a glut of toms and froze it.

Shrinking Violet

Chilli with garlic bread here, too, Zoomer - also from the freezer having used up some of the tomato glut, the peppers in GH and some of my eye-waterlingly hot chillies!  A real comfort meal on a cold evening.