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Shrinking Violet

Thunder, lightning and rainbows at dawn!  Lots of heavy showers.  Lots of rainbows all day.  At least they're pretty!  For the rest - it's pretty dire!



Rain first thing but now wind as droppped, sun has come out and it surprisingly warm. Washing on the line but ground too wet to plant my remaining tulip bulbs


Have been trying to do some exterior painting for weeks here in the Fens. Still need one more dry day to finish the job. I have realised that the weather forecast on BBC web site is obtained by consulting a chicken's entrails; today was supposed to be dry and it has been raining for 2 hours.


It's actually sunny with a slight breeze today here in WManchester. Only about 8-9C at the mo.T'was cold first thing in my back garden though, only 1C at first light.

Not worth putting the washing out now, it'll still be wet/damp as the sun soon disappears from the back garden this time of year.

However, we are now warm again! Having to learn all about the new system- not as simple as it first appeared. J.


Alina W

Bright but very cold here in N Yorks, and very chilly last night.

Jo, I'm glad you have your heating back - this is not the weather to be without it!


Stockton weather? I do not really know. It started sunny and clear although bitterly cold with a North westerly breeze which brought cloud so the lights went on and now it is sunny again?
The box says partly cloud, which part is that then, it looks a bit blue up there to me with some dark cloud well South. I think they should throw the bones up again and chant their incantations, they must get it right some day.


Nice and sunny today but a b...... cold wind blowing. Went to allotment and managed to plant onion sets before i got too cold to do anymore. Rain for tomorrow i think

Caz W

It started off well, then had some showers and right now we are having a hailstorm again.

We seem to several seasons in one day. Now sitting in the warm knitting dolls clothes for a local charity. Cant sit around and do nothing

It's rained for the most the day here, interspersed with the occasional hail storm. Very chilly this evening but the forecast is good for tomorrow.


It's been glorious here today,  sun from the start but not very warm,  this morning it was like a typical Autumnal morning,  crisp,  fresh and sunny not a single breath of wind lovely,   it's dropping down to 1.9c now and there's -1c forecast through the nigh.t 

Solid frost, blue sky, some cloud, the box tells me Stockton is cloudy, quick look out of window----------"nope".


The potty gardener

Woke up to very strong wind and heavy rain. Now trying to brighten up but every time I go out it starts to rain. I was really lucky to get a compost bin on freegle yesterday. Have moved it to where I want it but not sure if I need a base. It's sitting on flat concrete. Any one know if it would be best to have a base or not please.

Bev, A wire base would be ideal although it is only to keep the rodents out of the compost. If you have some old tiles or packing to put under the edges anything from a quarter of an inch to around an inch will let the air in from the bottom.
If you do pack it up a bit then put some brush or thin sticks in the base, a covering again to let the air circulate.
Compost needs "Air Warmth and Damp" it will generate its own heat in time and never soak just damp each layer as you load it up, air is one of the important things..



You can put compost in but I would put a layer of garden soil or garden compost on base with a few worms thrown in before you add stuff to decompose. but I'm just learning as well, there is a thread calle d 'what to put in compost' that may be useful

Herre we have rain, struggling to clear up =can see top of hills. Greenhouse trmp was minimum 0.5 so I guess it was about -2 outside overnight.



OMG,  went out with the dog in total panic mode as it was a total white over with frost,  by the time I got over to the field my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth it was only 0.5c so glad to get on the grass but I had to conquer the fear of slipping over again,  glad to get home I must say,   it's a tropical 3.5c now and the fog is rolling in slight breeze well just enough to make the leaves shiver. 


WManchester is bright & breezy again, although clouding over again now.About 8C out there now.

We too were below freezing first thing & you could just see it on the grass.

No gardening for me today though. We are having a BIG sort out of 'stuff', you know the sort of thing that gets in your way for a couple of yrs & then you wonder why?

So now a pile for tip, to keep, charity pick-up, & really must sort out properly. We'll get there! J.

flowering rose

snow on the mendips,sleet every where,rain and now its clouding over for some more rain.

Shrinking Violet

Heavy showers both yesterday and today - and pretty cold, too.  Danced in and out of the showers and managed to get my dahlias lifted (they're now upside-down to dry off a bit) and planted my garlic in modules.

Garden is a quagmire, so nothing possible in the borders etc.  My brussels and winter cabbages look very sorry for themselves.  I may have to resort to buying greens for Christmas!  And it's our normal tradition to go down the garden on Christmas morning to pick fresh for lunch.  No wonder farmers are so fed up with the weather.