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Yesterday was lovely cold and sunny. Today we are back to grey which goes with how i feel got another cold. Where do i keep getting them from. Any ideas?


If you find out let me know - I've got a bone to pick with them 'cos they're giving them to me too 



Cloudy but mild. Cold wind from yesterday has dropped and greenhouse temp is up a few degrees

My daughter has gone to uni locally and i reckon thats where they are coming from. Not good when you have asthma have to be so careful i dont get a chest infection. Not nice

Nice day here in NW. Bright and sunny, some rain in the afternoon.



The 'view first unread post ' mechanism on this thread is not working, I wonder why? It is working on other threads.

The potty gardener

The 'view first unread post' is working fine for me.Mind you arrived at work in dark and left in dark so don't know what the weather was like


It has started working again; v. odd as tried several times before. Sorry you only saw the dark, I was driving from s.e. london to Norwich today and then to the fens, all in brilliant sunshine; the few times I was out of the car I didn't need a coat. Perfect gardening weather and I was driving all day.


Perfick gardening weather here in Worcs too. Just can't go on my foot till tomorrow, injection settling. Got loads to do as well . weather forecast for tomorrow not great.

Hey ho

I remember daylight. Just about. Go to work, only just light. Come home in the dark. Roll on March...

Dull and cloudy , but mild, Greenhouse overnight was 8.7

Christmas potatoes are still green and growing.

Alina W

Bright and sunny here in N Yorks. The ground is actually starting to drain at last, but there is still a lot of standing water in fields.


Dry, brightish & a cold wind in WManchester this morning. Am expecting rain later. J.


Sun's out and I've got the afternoon off! Yeys!

Caz W

You lucky lot - its raining here in Swansea and looks set for the rest of the day



Nope, rain just started here too. J.


The Fens. Today was 1 jumper weather, without bullet proof tights on under my jeans.


Nr Lincoln.

We have had a mixed bag over the last few days, some sunshine, a little rain, and a very sharp frost last night. This morning is lovely and bright, temperature has yet to rise above freezing. Might get the last of the tulips in a big pot if and when it warms up.

Have a nice day.


Miserable day yesterday very drizzly and grey. Today lots of sunshine and a lot cooler.

The pile of ironing is calling

Stockton a lovely clear sunshiny day, a good week weather wise a funny old week otherwise, hope next week is not likewise!!
Last Saturday the oven broke, Sunday lunch in Carvery, Monday shopping for new oven, Daughter started at £1800 end I started at £4/19/6 end and we met near the middle, well a bit lower.
Out early Tuesday car taken for service. Oven arrived just as car arrived to take me to pick my car up, oven fixed and working but fish and chips for tea.
Wednesday black tie day as I crossed the Styx, last man standing out of a very large company of friends, had to comfort the family.
Thursday out early flu jab Daughter arrived with a mass of cooking and stuff she is now on a cruise.
Friday up early for some shopping could not even find a car parking place at the usual so ended up at the local thingee market (have to watch what I call it) but managed to at last use new oven, well pleased. Saturday visitors, today feet up then standing to attention for the Cenotaph Ceremony, old habits die hard.
Next week a rest, I hope.