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Wet & even more wet in WManchester. Have braved a shopping centre & now all I need to do outside is refill the birds' fat-feeder & pull the wheely bin round later.

It is trying to brighten up, but no garden plans until w/end probably. J.

Caz W

Sorry to gloat a bit but it's sunny here in Swansea


Poor postman just arrived, nearly swimming.


To quote a certain grumpy old man.... 'I dont believe it!' the sun has arrived! J.

Warm n sunny here today. Just been on the beach with my dog and it feels like spring



This morning bright, sunny, not too cold; hurrah can do some gardening!

Warm, windy dry. But.......storm building. Supposed to get bad.

Very windy and now the rain has started again.

Not sure after yesterday how much more the ground can take.

Total rain from about 9 pm on Tuesday to 10 am today was 36mm, measured in my little gauge in the garden

Pouring down. Very frustrating. Very windy now....several trees down. Won't be mowing lawn today!
Caz W

Sounds the same as it is here Verdun  - almost dark too.

Stockton lovely and sunny had the visor down as I drove the lanes, we had a weather front along the coast with some high cloud--------until around one, then we got it.
Wind bending the trees driving rain almost horizontal, anything not tied down now flying including bins.



Very windy out there now & getting worse. Have had to rescue the wrapping from one glazed pot & the fleece cover from inside a coldframe- both flying around the garden.

Spitting with rain, but the heavy rain forecast has either still to arrive or passed us by, unlilkely somehow....

It was colder out there at bedtime last night, 3.5C cf to 10C this morning. About 13C out there now. J.


Rain arrived! J.

Storm has gone through. Calm, rain slight. Took dog onto the beach
Shrinking Violet

West Somerset:  wet.  Very.     windy.  Very.  Roads flooded, garden sodden.  For once the weather forecast was spot on. 



Lots of rain and high winds in Halifax

Overhead the sun is shining
Bright azure blue sky above
Nought can be heard but the song of the birds
Filling all the air with singing
If this day could last for ever etc etc.

Apologies to Mario Lanza
Stockton on Tees "Sunny and Clear" and so it is, Daughter back from her cruise so I am on parade for the obligatory Friday lunch, "oh well cannot win them all" better get cleaned up then in case she pops in.



Bright and sunny here Nr Lincoln. Wind has dropped and the deluge has departed, thank goodness.



After rain-soaked, windy 3 days today is lovely and sunny

. Just put washing out

Had another 16mm of rain yesterday ie 52mm since Tuesday!!!!


It's actually breezy now out there. Warm when in the sun & the washing blowing nicely! J.