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Shrinking Violet

A brief respite today and the sun has helped to dry things out a bit.  Managed to get into the garden, and plant up some tubs with tulip bulbs.  Now that felt quite therapeutic - but, oh dear, there's more rain on the way, and it's clouding up right now.

(Mario Lanza, Frank - was one of my mother's favourites.  Such a shame that his career was short, and his voice was never fully exploited.  But his recording of some Christmas Carols is still a delight every year!)

We've had heavy rain, flooding and high winds for a couple of days now. I was driving from Fleetwood mid afternoon and couldn't decide whether it had snowed or there was hail on the pavement and roads but it's forecast fine weather tomorrow, hope so.




It didnt stay dry after all! A sharp shower sent me & washing back inside pronto. Cold & clear now when just pulled the garden waste bin out for collection.

Zoomer- having seen the local forecast for tomorrow you should get a morning to do jobs outside, if lucky. Not so sure I'll get more than an hour or so out there, but intend to be back from shopping asap! J.

Fingers crossed Jo. I've just remembered a guy is coming to replace the sky light window to the basement in the front garden tomorrow morning. I'll feel ever so guilty if it starts raining before he's finished and I'm inside warm and dry, once it's off he'll need to finish it, can't have the basement getting flooded.   

Heavy mist in Stockton area could not see across the road but had to go out. It is back lanes to everywhere from here so I had fog lights and all on and so had most drivers but the odd idiot came charging through the mist with no lights on at all, I think they are lunatics but they may have Xray eye's.

Posh I think I have watched the Student Prince with Mario Lanza a hundred times, my Father loved Opera and Music hall and dragged me with him, we saw some very good Tenors including Tito Gobi when he came to Stockton, it must have rubbed off.



Caz W

Rain, rain and more rain!  Shopping done, leek & potato soup made so time for a sit down by the fire.  Glad you're not having any more mishaps today Frank - just keep watching TV


Definite frost out back this morning & ice on OH's car at the front.

The tall sunflowers across the road have 'copped' it with the frost this time.

Now just dull & cold. 6-7C at the mo. It has only just started to rain as it's going dark. Am a wee bit cross as the rain was expected  this morning, so didnt plan to get outside & now wish I'd done so. J.

Caz I am normally very precise when cooking so what happened on Thursday was a one off thank goodness, I think all the gremlins landed at once.
Listening to music at the moment "Tales from the Vienna Woods" too foggy to go out and family not coming so feet up later for Strictly.
It has not eased here in Stockton and is now quite cold.



Rained all day - well from about 10 this morning. Have driven down to Swindon. It was like driving through a never ending lake especially around tthe River Avon and Cotswold Water Park wth fog and non stop rain

Haevy rain now and they say Wrcs is place to watch as will get worse

Snug at home now with fire roaring


Drove from Essex to Heathrow and back today in very low clouds and it never stopped raining - spray was really bad on M25 this afternoon. Now after 6pm (home safe and sound) and it is still raining...thinking for those in areas with flooding or near rivers 

Rain, rain, rain......torrential damaging rain all day and night. Trees down,flooding, power cuts

"Oh dear" Verdun, we have had the all night rain but no trees down as yet.
At the moment in Stockton it is cold dank and a drizzle, I have all the lights on so any greens about will be having a fit
Two large puddles in the garden where being uphill it normally drains off fast, the brick clay strata under this area is holding the water up, cannot win them all.



Torrential rain and strong winds all night in Norfolk, now just the strong gusty winds and a brighter sky.  Friends down on the Suffolk coast have blue skies and bright sunshine 


We're partway up a hill too David.

WManchester-we've also got brightening skies after a night of heavy rain. Ooh the sun has managed it. Brisk winds though. J.


Bright blue sky and sun. The next onslaught comes in this afternoon.

36mm rain overnight.

One village near here has £1mill flood defences opened with great hurrah about 3 months ago. Defences failed last night! All raods to where daughter lives are closed. Tries to ring her but no reply which i guess means she has managed to get out. I can't even say staying on main roads get yu through because they are flooded as well.


Strong gusty winds all night. The morning was lovely and sunny but still breezy. The breeze has now died down but the sun has also gone. I think rain is due very soon, but we are lucky as we are not flooded as so many people are.

Over cast  and cold here, it rained in the night but has been rain free all day. I've been mopping up a flood in the basement. No real damage, it looks like water has come up through a drain and as the floor isn't level couldn't flow back down.

The new window over the basement in the front garden is so new looking it's putting the paint work at the front to shame, if a bucket of hot soapy water doesn't show improvements, then I've another item on the 'jobs to do list' this winter...painting.

Shrinking Violet

Still raining - but not as heavily as before.  We avoided the floods, but the next village came within an inch of being deluged.  Several other places have fared badly, but the week's forecast is for colder but drier weather thank goodness.  (If anyone saw Countryfile today, you will have seen us as the first village to have a full flood action plan in place.  How lucky we are to have avoided the worst).


You are all lucky. Well done to your village as well, saw it on Countryfile - between sea and river is that the right one?