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WManchester- been almost dry here today.

Started off walking down to hospital in the dry, rain after about 10mins & for the remaining 30! Back home late lunchtime & dry, but some ominous clouds around.Think only about 6C best today.

Walked up to/from local supermarket in the dry, then it threw it down again about 5mins later. Phew!

Noticed a lot of water logged borders around on my travels today, but mine fine. J.

Caz W

Almost dry here too!  Getting colder now.

Hey! Rains gone. Worst deluge ever down here. The consequences put everything into perspective

Fantastic so far here in Devon, first time we have seen the Moors in ages.

Just heard on the news that no one checked to see if the pumps were on in the flood crisis areas and they weren't! Also minister stating that we must build more houses in the counrty areas, so more concrete run off. Will they ever learn?

"Rain" the gazette last night showed pictures of the flooding in Stockton, from here it is all downhill to the River which was raging over the Barrage so we were cut off again, I did not go out so it was a surprise, more so for those in the floods. Hartlepool had floods and the main roads including the A1 and A19 were closed in parts.
Today is cloudy, to the north clear sky south to the hills very dour, a bit wet out there though only a drizzle.
Looked out at the garden and smiled, the free standing bushes of Golden privet look like bottled sunshine, the dogwood stems a lovely red, Primroses along the border and the multi colours of the bushes, I know why we bother so much with the gardens, they lift the spirit.




So true Frank.

The sun is just catching the stems of my dogwood too. Nearby is a tall lilac penstemon which looks wonderful against the dark background of a Lawson cypress.

Glorious sunshine here today. Frost overnight, but not yet 'got' the fuschias nor marigolds, which are both still in full flower.

Am planning to do some border soil sorting later & may mulch it. The soil doesnt look frozen, but will check. I try & mulch as I go along, with having so many spring bulbs planted it's easier than trying to do it all in the spring. J.


Lovely day after the dark grey of the last week.

Will attempt to plant some roses that have come, one the ground is still too waterlogged and one I forgot to buy the compost for, but a garden day

Also a wrap up warm day.

Nice day in the Chilterns today - washing on the line drying in no time, and I spent the afternoon hoeing the flower beds and tidying up. Tomorrow, weather permitting, will strim the front lawn which seems to have suddenly got very straggly. The Thames down in Marlow is stlii over the banks and travelling over the weir at a huge rate of knots. Up on the hill we have no problem with all the rain, but all of you who are suffering have my sympathy and best wishes.

I did that border sort out. Soil lovely & moist, so replanted deeper a couple of small Heucheras that had just started to lift themselves up.

Got 99% of the moss off. Had to leave some round the stems of a still, even now, flowering penstemon- that'll get sorted when I cut it back next spring, note made to do. Easy to fork over the cleared soil & then 2 large compost bags full of my compost were spread over. All being well, next yr shall be quicker at removing the unwanted self-seeders that'll pop up.

This morning minus 4.5C out our back first light! Only -3C at the front.

Now brilliant sunshine, yes the moon was good last night & lots of activity around the bird feeders. It's still below freezing now & if the heating engineer leaves the front door open again I shall not be responsible for my actions! J.


BTW the bird activity is now, not by moonlight & he's shut the door!! J.


Nr Lincoln.

Morning All.   Beautiful bright morning after a hard frost, everywhere white over when I got up at about 7. Wind coming from North West, so I expect it to be very cold when I eventually venture out, but that is better than the rain, it will give things a chance to dry out


Stockton on the mad raging Tees is mild this morning as I put the bins out, partly cloudy so the box tells me and it is right. The Coastal weather front is clear out over the North Sea, slightly cloudy inland and no frost.
Jo, my way with self seeders is a walk around the garden every morning with my dads old long handled Dutch hoe, it reaches to the back of the border and loosens up the top soil.
Engineers do not feel the cold, we are used to working out in the open in all weathers, we think it normal, put your fur coat on Jo. "oops" I mean false fur not the real thing. (do not wish to upset anyone, "err" well not too many of them).



Frank- arent you good about the self-seeders! I admit to being a bit happy go lucky in the past, but now age, creaking bones, energy levels dropped has meant that a sterner approach is needed.

You've just reminded me, have my Nan's old hoe in our garage. I tend not to use much, prefering crammed borders. Shall investigate that- needs sharpening, but got 'stone' for that. Also got a long-handled 'grabber' for getting the blighters up!

Am layered up, but lounge will be sunny until lunchtime & the heating has been put on as some of the tiling in bathroom hasnt dried properly! J.


Bright,frosty, beginning to clear where the SUN hits. A real coldness in the air. Just put some washing out. Topped up the bird feeders and sent OH in search of lard. I think it will be cheaper to make my own seed blocks than buying them.

Evening all. A frosty start to the day here at 7.30 the grass was almost white, with a chill in the air which has stayed all day. It's cold again tonight and the temp is dropping.

Cancelled my trip to Stockton yesterday Frank, didn't much fancy driving through floods. I'll need to pick a good day in December



Nice and sunny today but cold and crisp,  went to Newcastle today for at trip out ,,nice and sunny there as well so nice all round,  it's a freezing - 2.2c now,  I need to take the dog out so will no doubt be rather apprehensive on the icy patches  at least it's not rained for 24 hours 

Lovely sunny day in the Chilterns, but very heavy frost. Spent yesterday afternoon strimming the front lawn which looks so much better for a quick trim. Also have a lovely display of Gazania's - would have thought the frosts would have finished them off,but then the weather is mad. There are still one or two carnations coming into flower at the front, so must make the most of them all before they're covered in snow!

Stockton sunny and clear, a heavy overnight frost still on the front and never moved.
Zoomer I went for a run on the A177 Durham road and had to turn back, water lay in every dip in the road, the sun was shining but nothing will shift that water until the fields dry a bit. Today the fields are ice rinks.
Shopping was a nightmare, I was in early but so was everyone else, the check out girl said she would take her time with me because I was smiling, most had the grumps.



Today started off lovely and sunny but very cold. Now the cloud is moving in and it is getting dark.

Cold but dry here. Noticed the bird baths have both frozen this evening.