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Cloudy with a few sunny spells,  been 7.1c today so not to bad but the wind has been  on the chilly side but at least it's been dry,

Rain, sun, rain, sun. Warm though...about 11c. Another week and the days will get longer. Hows that for optimism?

 Thinkng the same thing and before we know it the clocks will be changing.

Raining on and off all day but no frost, and it's been a few degree's warmer.

Lovely warm sunny morning, then at 2pm it got darker and darker and the rain arrived - been drizzling off and on ever since. Must go up the allotment tomorrow, get some swede,cabbage and sprouts, and check that the netting on brassica's is still in place - weather permitting!

Sunday in Stockton sunny, blue sky, some fluffy cloud, a distinct weather front over the coast and out to sea much darker, hope it stays there. Sun is shining on the hills quite a nice view. Windows open so warmish.
Silver side of beef in the oven, some veg ready to roast and the rest later, a day of semi rest after rushing around yesterday, Daughter moved into new house all hands on deck.




Sunny here my side of The Styx as well Frank and a very tropical 10.1c not now though it's dropped to 4.5c but it's late in the day so I expect that,  it will a year tomorrow since I fractured my ankle so I must be careful when I go out with the dog in the morning 


Worcs- today has been very pleasant - no rain, no freezing temps, patches of blue sky. Not that cold although, of course there is a chill. I don't think it will frost tonight

NW - Dull and wet although mild enough to open the GH door today. The roof vent had leaked and a tray of sweet pea was almost over flowing with water so I hope it doesn't freeze tonight otherwise they maybe lost.

Rain- I've found a local garage selling those shoe grips, only £4.99 but they didn't have my size, supposed to be getting more in this week  


Last week in Dordogne one night it went down to -9°. Warmer now, but this evening the rain was really heavy then a huge clap of thunder all the lights went out and it pelted hail. Luckily it was only the trip metre in an outbuilding so I just had to push a button.


I do hope you get some Zoomer they really are the best thing ever for walking in the snow even better when it freezes over you feel so safe.

Still only 4.2c so its warmed up a bit as it had dropped down to 3.1c when I was out with dog about 4.30 ish but it is supposed to drop right down through the night and tomorrow is going to be wet,  just what we need,  more rain.


Dry and bright in Norfolk, and milder than it has been 

I have it on good authority that it's drizzling in Cyprus 

Alina W

The morning's rain has dried up now and, although overcast, it's mild at 7C.


It was dry, if dull, this morning in NEast Derbyshire. The sun came out as I drove back over the tops- brilliant behind me & black as ace of spades ahead! Lovely rainbow after rainbow all the way back.

About 30mins after I got back to WManchester it started chucking it down! About 6+C out there now. J.

Glorious sunny and warm day,high in the Chilterns. The sky is full of red kites, wheeling and whistling, the trees are laden down with mistletoe, and everything looks so picturesque in the sharp light ( and no sign of the Midsomer Murders crowd!). Can we please keep this weather going for another week or two......?

It's chucking it down in Dordogne and we had more hail this afternoon.



Another pleasant day, however the ground is not actually drying, not even the pavements. When i came in from delivering local cards my face tingled, but when walking it didn't feel that cold.


It's actually sunny out there today. No chance of drying washing though, just no breeze at all. About5-6C out there now.

Going to actually wash my car later! J.


Dull dark and dismal 6.7c though so not to bad chill wise,  the ground is sodden after the rain through the night so it's like walking in a bog when I take the dog out,  roll on Summer,  mind Spring will do count down for the shortest day 

Bright and sunny today but rain is on the way for tomorrow. Bah humbug wish it was spring