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Just walked up to local shops in the dry, but wet as walked back. Wind increasing too. About 5-6C outside at the mo in WManchester. J.

Stockton on Tees is cloudy and dull, no rain and I can see the Hills at the moment.
I ran along the leafy lanes "err" well a lot now naked it was quite warm, finally ending up in the Supermarket which will be nameless as it upsets people that proved to be almost empty??? Have people run out of money or are they saving it for a weekend mad rush?
Out side where I keep the herbs I notice my Tulips are putting up shoots, I told them it is too early.


Caz W
Palaisglide wrote (see)

I ran along the leafy lanes "err" well a lot now naked

Had to read that bit again slowly and carefully - well, I hope it's the trees that were naked Frank



Alina W

Very similar to Stockton here in N. Yorks - dull and grey, but dry. But tomorrow we're back to lots of rain - "I'm dreaming of a flooded Christmas..."

Caz, is my Cymraeg that bad, I ran along the leafy lanes in my car, "now" whether I was naked in the car, "well" it will not be the first time, many years ago it got hot in those vehicles in the Desert. Plus as you get older you tend to do unintentional things which is why I have followers, two community Police women and a police car sirens blazing.
I love having a run out along the lovely lanes surrounding the area seeing the wild life, "err" being naked could frighten them away, it also gives the car a warm up (I love getting the greens mad) like a good horse you need to ride it to keep it in trim. Trouble is my Son insists on me riding fully dressed ! spoil sport.
That's my excuse and I stick to it, "WHO spilt treacle on my keyboard??
Better lay off those Old Speckled Hens, the beer not the widows down the road.



Caz W

Frank   - thanks for having a laugh with me.  A little of what you fancy does you good is what I say!

Nadolig Carolau wrote (see)

Frank   - thanks for having a laugh with me.  A little of what you fancy does you good is what I say!

Always up for a laugh Caz saves on tears, it also defused many tense moments through my life but that could have been because I am big and ugly so will never know if it was my wit or persona.

Nos da, frank.

Frank's mention of Old Speckled Hen reminds me of one of my local breweries, now swallowed up - Morlands of Abingdon, who brewed Hen, and sold it in their pub by the gates of the old MG motor works - hence the car badge on the bottles. Memories - Wethereds of Marlow gone, whilst Brakspeares have departed the brewery in Henley, but their lovely old pubs and beer are still plentiful in the Chilterns.

Dmball, it is now brewed in Bury St Edmund's, I try the special beers and of them all prefer Old Speckled Hen. It was named after the old knocked about works MG car which ran for years, I could run on the beer for years.
The weather got slowly more morose, all the lights were on early although the windows were open it was quite warm.


Cornwall is saturated. Roads blocked by floods and standing water everywhere. Never known such prolonged and heavy rain. Heavy rain now on top of heavy rain yesterday and all night. Hey! It's supposed to be dry and sunny later today. (if i had a amiley i would use one here) Rain again tonight! ((another smiley)

Worcs - very  dark, very wet, Hills are not visible. Waiting for flood warnings later in day, probably in usual places.

Son is coming down on Saturday and we are trying to find a flood free, well less flood for him to get here if the warnings are right.

Verdun it sounds really bad, they say it will come our way


Good luck to everybody in those areas.

WManchester- wet! The rain lashing against the back windows awoke me in the night.J.

Stockton has dense dark cloud, the lights are on to see what I am doing yet it is dry, someone is for it as it drifts North.
No sign of the Hills nor much beyond the woods so cannot see if there is a weather front over the coast soon be the shortest day then uphill to spring, three cheers for that.


Alina W

N. Yorks - wet, wet, wet....


Just been out on the roads and they are filling up with water. Guess we could be an island surrounded by water agin, but not as bad as close to rivers in this area



Rain and wind,  rain and wind and miserable as well but at least there are no floods here like some other folk in the country,  my heart goes out to them.


Fens; wet, wet, wet.

Here in Stockton I had just started to sing "You are my sunshine" as a yellow glow was visible through the side window.
Two thoughts struck me, the sun does not rise in the North! and if it was the sun why was I having to put the lights on.
Further investigation found a very large golden yellow van parked over the road.
Two questions what was it doing and "Who would drive a van that colour" apart from a colour blind driver? I made a cup of tea and heard it go so still a mystery. I had a vision of the driver in the largest pair of sunglasses ever.
Dark dull morose looking cloud, no rain, lights on burning up fuel, either that or fall over everything and as I pay more and more green taxes I have decided to get my monies worth.



It's barely light here too Frank.

Was supposed to be dry & breezy- well it's trying to be dry, I keep seeing the odd spots on the window & not much breeze either. So the 2 lots of washing done in anticipation of a passable day will end up tumbled-again. J.

Dry and about 12degrees. Sun trying to poke through....think it will. Heavy rain forecast again tonight. So much water on the roads, fields, in people's houses. My ground is light sandy loam so a couple of dry that possible?.......and it will dry out.