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Bright sunshine, but there are clouds. No need for extra light here, a chill wind though. 8mm rain yesterday, Here we are bracing ourselves for the next rain band, as there are roads flooded now, so tomorrow could be worse.


The Fens; so warm have not had any heating on, overcast but NOT raining, hurrah!

Sunny and warm down on the Thames - aired the greenhouse and planted out some pots of primroses....although they'll probably get washed down the hill into the Thames after the next bout of rain!
Glad to hear Frank has been supported over the years with his beers - hopefully many more of them ( years, and beers! )

Frank. You've brightened up my day..LOL. 

Haven't seen much weather this week, being the last week before Christmas, have been office bound catching up on paper work before the holidays. From the office window it was dull and wet here in the NW.

The cold I thought I was getting turned out to be a skin infection on the side of my face which had run down the ear duct. By Wednesday one ear was the size of a cabbage, thank heavens for antibiotics and penicillin... and a day off work  it's now almost resumed it's normal size. 


Do take care Zoomer make sure you take all the antibiotics.

It's been wet here and a chilly 4.5c  supposed to be torrential tomorrow,  great more rain 


Zoomer, Sorrrrrry but i just stopped laughing, I know you should not laugh at peoples ills but it did so much remind me of one of my chat up lines.
Take girl in arms for a nice slow jitterbug, whisper softly in lug hole, "darling you have ears like a mouse" then the punch line, " a hippo potto mouse" find myself sitting on floor from a swift uppercut, another girl friend gone, "I wonder why"?

Driving down the naked lanes today or was that driving down the lanes naked??? I was passing acres of lake where no lakes exist, a couple of dips where it was wheel arch high and decided I was better off at home. More to come over night.


It is now getting bad in parts of Cornwall. More flooding last night and this morning on top of earlier floods. Landslips and people vacating their properties. Nothing but rain in the forecast. All so unreal....................

Stockton on Tees, a very wet night, I was on the road at eight they were all running water.
Had a good breakfast did shopping and home by ten via back lanes with standing pools of water, a slow careful run, well that was me, there are some right idiots out there in charge of killing machines.



Torrential out there in WManchester too.

Was out & back early on & didnt get too wet. Hibernating now.

Good luck to those in the flood affected areas. J.


I feel so sorry for people whose homes are flooded, especially on the edge of Christmas; it seems so churlish to whinge about the Fens being soggy.

Latest is a family has radioed for help. Their home s under 3 feet water and needs help to move everything. Xmas pressies, tree, new fridge, sofa, etc etc all under muddy water. in nearby Helston several people evacuated from their homes too. And another land slip in mid Cornwall. Oh! For a dry spell

Verdun, how really dreadful; our thoughts are with all these people whose homes are being damaged so badly.

As a Cornishman now living over the Tamar, I send everyone in Kernow my best wishes and the hope that things are not going to get much worse.

Also hope my little sister in Germansweek in Devon is OK, as I haven't been able to get hold of her. Living on the edges of the Moor, she sometimes finds herself trapped by snow or flooded roads - pretty remote where she is. My thoughts are with everyone down there - and of course with the rest of the country who are suffering.

P***** it down all day, thankfully although most  roads are flooded does not seem nearly as bad as Cornwall/Devon.

Stockton on Tees is fine and clear today, blue sky and drying nicely, not quite as warm though.
Commiserations to the people who will not be able to have Christmas at home in the South, you just do not expect the maelstrom they got .




DRy day today, Hopefully will dry out roads and my quagmire of a lawn, went flying trying to retreive  a cat last night.

Hope southern Forum members inSW are OK


Dry, sunny & windy out there today. I watched the outside temperatures rise last evening!

I just cant imagine how awful it must be for some folks. Take care everybody. J.


The Fens; dry and warm, I hope it is the same for people in the South West.

Alina W

Dry, sunny and breezy today - a bit of a dry spell wouldn't come amiss.

All good wishes to folks in the SW.

Dry, very warm..almost humid....but rain looming and it's forecast to be heavy and prolonged. Plants though, want to keep flowering!