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Gale force winds today  where the hell did they come from but it has been just about tropical at 9.7c no wonder the heating didn't come on,  oh well Christmas Eve tomorrow,  are these boards open Christmas day ?


It can be so cold here in winter in Dordogne and the rain can come down like solid sheets but yesterday it was 14° and sunny, which was lovely with all the grandchildren here. It must be so awful for those who've been flooded.


Drizzly Fens, v. overcast; my laptop is right next to a window but have had to switch a light on to type. Am desperate for a good long walk, but think it will be more of a squelch.

Any news on flooding in the south west?

Stockton, someone upstairs forgot to put the light on again although the leak seems to have stopped, so it is dull and drear, I had to put my own lights on.
Lizzie, my Son is getting ready for a move your way yet we are reading bad things about the French Locals, a bit worrying.
Once long ago near Bethlehem I spent Christmas on guard looking up at a clear sky full of stars wondering. There were many bright stars some to the South I had never seen before, now which one was it, then I heard a voice!! "don't be resting your B##### eye's look to your front" yes Sergeant, another Christmas gone.



Dull and drizzly here - horrid but nothing like what some people are having to contend with - our thoughts are with those coping with floods. 

My Mediterranean herbs are in 4 inches of standing water, and we're on free draining sandy loam on a terraced slope.  Think I'll have to re-jig the herb garden in the spring - the rosemary doesn't look happy   



Well it was dry to start with in Manchester. Not now, steady rain again. Lights on, oh well come the midddle of January we'll start to notice longer days. J.

Caz W

A dry start but soon turned to steady rain.  Hope everyone has a good Christmas and manages to keep dry. 

Frank - make sure you're fully covered if you go outside



Happy and dry Christmas to all! To family in Cornwall, Nadelik Lowen ha Bledhen Nowyth Da!
Caz W
dmball wrote (see)
in Cornwall, Nadelik Lowen ha Bledhen Nowyth Da!

I'm amazed how similar that is to Welsh dmball.  Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Shrinking Violet

Hello - long time since I was last able to post.  But Happy Christmas one and all, from the soggy South West.  OK here, but some of the floods are perilously close, so we'll batten down the hatches and hope it dries up a bit.  And there we all were a few weeks ago anticipating a white Christmas!

Nadolig Carolau - did you know how similar the Breton language is - Nedeleg Laouen na Bloavezh mat? We're all Celts and no doubt the Basques have words and phrases that could ring long distant bells!
Hope everyone is having a joyful Christmas.

Dry and bright here in Norfolk with a hint of sunshine and blue-ish skies   I think a walk accross the marshes is called for .... (after breakfast )


The Fens; brilliant sunshine but am laid low with norovirus (Christmas lunch was 2 rice cakes - yum!) so won't be striding down the canals.

Pennine Petal
Artjak, you poor thing, could you hold Chrissie lunch till New Year's Day? Hope you are feeling better now. Sunny and windy here, think we are due for rain later in the day though.

Anyone off shopping in the sales?

No sales shopping here- may try GC tomorrow though, cards yes & whatever takes my fancy.

After a wet day yesterday, today is bright sunshine at the mo. Was colder this morning though & only about 6C now. J.


Stockton is dry and sunny with blue sky above although quite cloudy further north, hope it stays there.
Expecting visitors now and as I ate out they will not be getting cold turkey, now what is there in the cupboard, better go and see.



Was dry enough to plant a few fruit bushes and strawberries, then the rain came a little so I cotinued, came in for lunch (smoke salmon sarnnies) and now the heavens are emptying again.

No sales for me, but maybe a trip to GC next week as I have a token 


I don't really care what it's doing outside as I've got a good old fashioned head cold and some,  my poor nose is like Rudolph's red and shining,  have managed to hang some washing out but don't think it will dry as the wind has dropped it's 5.8c so not to bad at least the rain that was forecast for yesterday didn't turn up and up to now today's hasn't either so fingers crossed,  think I'll hibernate till New Year then maybe this blasted cold will have gone 


Oh poor you Rain, take care.

Yesterdays' sun didnt last- it threw it down later on!

Was surprised to find the temperature in the back garden only 1-2C this morning. It's dull & damp out there now. Decided against the GC sale visit after all -will go next week instead! J.


Today, as ever it is throwing it down.

In a dry spot yesterday nipped out and planted some strawberries and gooseberries, rescued a rhubarb root but still unplanted and as the rain started heeled in some raspberries. I have no idea where I am going to plant them