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We normally go for a walk on the beach David with the dogs, all the family gather, the dogs love it the kids play and all wrapped up we do not feel the East wind off the North Sea, this year they have called it off a couple with flu (I have the jab) and a bit much for a couple of the older dogs, not including me so I may go on my own.

Still clear sky and sunny nothing much to do in the garden, nothing on TV may go and visit Son on the farm instead of the beach.



OOh a walk on the Chase. I miss my daily walk up and about Shoal Hill (Sigh)

The sun has certainly got his hat on today here. The Hills I have now are too much pressure for my damaged foot. perhaps, one day........ 


It's just about dry at the mo in WManchester, but blowing a right gale. Sun very intermittent, darkening cloud again now.

Was a clear dry midnight last night with a lovely moon. J.


Blinding sun; my eyes are not used to it and very warm for Jan 1st.

Pennine Petal

I am envious of those of you with sun, it is blowing a gale here. The poor blue tits are having to hold on tight to the peanut bag.Fast moving clouds and mostly grey, will probably rain again later.


flowering rose

Sunny,sunny,oops.......its greying over well it was pleasant while it lasted.


Nr Lincoln.

Happy New Year to everyone.

It's started with a lovely day here, Bright sunshine all day. Long may it continue, but I'm afraid rain forecast for tomorrow.



Was absolutely beautiful here in the South East. the sun beaming all day long.  My only complaint is that it showed up all the dust and dirt.  I did not weaken!!  It's still there.

Alina W

Dry and sunny here for most of the day today - I couldn't believe it!


Fens; overcast, rainy, spookily warm for the time of year.

The potty gardener

Not sunny like yesterday. Dull and overcast but dry thank goodness. Want to get outside today as there are so many little jobs to do.


Yesterday I just enjoyed walking in the garden. Today when I thought I would do some work in it it is dull, coudy and OH says rain is forecast for later.

Stockton was dark dull and wet this morning although the sun is now trying hard, it has brightened a lot.
The Grandchildren just left so it was a sunny morning to me.


Same here BJay, Wish now I had done something, however small. Not raining yet, but it won't be long. I can't believe it is only 2 o'clock it is so dark.

West of Manchester- wet!! We are due to be drier on Friday, I hope so. J.



We have just had a dry day again 

Highland Jeannie

Having been promised "wet, wet, wet" by the weathermen  and following early rain with a lot of cloud I decided to sort out the kitchen cupboards.

It was dry all day.


Quite a mild day at 9.3c not much wind to bother the washing on the line but plenty of sunshine no doubt another warm night again.


The Fens; warm and dry, hurrah!


Warm, DRY, sunshine.

Gardening fingers are twitching