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The Fens; warm and dry, hurrah!


Warm, DRY, sunshine.

Gardening fingers are twitching 

Stockton has leaden sky although dry-ish. Had to cross the Styx "Rain" for some S&M (shopping I mean) as I stood at the lights over the A66 it was a clear view of the whole length of the hills almost to Arncliffe, I sat thinking how much like looking into Wales from Herefordshire, the Black Hills look much like that view of the Cleveland Hills.
Back home after a coffee with the reading light on it is quite dark but very warm.



Not cold here either Frank. Just wish we had the dry weather- wet again! J.

Hello Jo, my garden is as tidy as it can be with all the spring bulbs planted way back and now showing so not too much to do, I catch up on my History writing instead.
No point in starting anything too early in the North East as we are around three weeks behind the South with growth and fruiting. My garden is quite sheltered but not a patch on the walled garden I grew up in, we had two weeks start on all around in that garden plus lots of old fruit trees including the tastiest Victoria Plums ever.
We have some warmth but the light is very poor and plants need both to thrive so I sit back and wait.




I need one more day out there to finally finish the last cut back/tidy up! I would like to remove the old/tatty Hellebore leaves asap as their buds will be showing any time now. They are scattered around a border which also has loads of bulbs, so damage can be done if the Hellebores get left until later.

The pruning of the fruit bushes can wait for a bit, even until they start to show, but then asap & get the netting up/over re the bullfinches around here!

I also need to get to grips with yet another moss infested border, but again it'll have to wait...

My Uncle had an orchard in Vale of Evesham- oh 'plum tummy ache' was part of my childhood. Grew cowslips there too.

Oh well, light on again... J.

Fancy that its grey and dreary again.More rain forcast, thinking of buying flippers and a snorkel. Have got rain coming in from somewhere so waiting for someone to come and have a look at roof or where ever else the water might get in. More expense


Its been a staggering 12.3c in the garden today almost got the BBQ ou, t not much in the way of sun but the warmth will do me for now,  looked at the front garden think it's dried enough for me to get the shears out and trim the lawn edges just tidies it up and get the leaves picked up and maybe hoe the borders over before the next lot of rain but that's not due till next week fingers crossed.

Rhubarb on the allotment is sprouting nicely, 3 to 4 inches high, and bright red and green colours - will cover some and get an early picking in the not too distant future. Nice day today, warmer and dry, so hopefully will go up tomorrow and turn over a bit more of the ground where the new potatoes are going. New Year is arriving on an optimistic note.
Caz W

What a grey day!  Damp and dismal but at least it's not cold .

No rain today, which makes a change, but the ground is still too wet to do anything

Stockton rather strange weather, to the West the sky was almost purple, to the East and North heavy cloud, South I cannot see the Cleveland Hills and it looks dark yet overhead blue sky and the sun is shining.
What are we in for, I cannot even guess, we normally have distinctive weather patterns this all looks odd.


The sun is shining WOW!!!!

No sun but the air feels dry, It is cloudy but dampness has gone!

Another good gardening day I think.



You lucky lot!

Ok it's not cold, nor raining, at the mo, but everywhere is sooo wet. Am about to don waterproof trousers, wellies etc to 1. pick some stems for inside the house & 2. start to remove the old hellebore leaves. J.



10.5c so another mild day plenty of cloud about but on a positive note I managed to get out in the front garden trimmed the lawn edges and got the borders hoed over deadheaded the Pansies and Pinks picked up the rest of the leaves so very pleased as it looks nice and tidy no doubt when the rains come back it will all be flat again.

Still have Gazanias flowering when the sun comes out, in a flower bed facing south, up against front wall of the house. From past experience, should not they be long gone? This has been such a strange, topsy-turfy winter!

Stockton, out and away early to get some bits a paper and lotto, "oh yes" and Birthday Card for Daughter, nearly forgot, sitting in a place they toss pots about (have to be careful what I say, could be jumped on again) having a very nice breakfast and watching the weather. No it was not a Greek restaurant.
Overhead it was dull and overcast though looking out to the Cleveland Hills I watched the weather front creep inland and along the hills brightening as it went. By the time I came out it was sunny all around apart from directly above, that has now moved on and it is warm. The sun has just started to shine in to the room.



It is warm in the sun Frank. I have washed out, dried & refilled the birdfeeders.

There was a lovely red sky first light this morning, which didnt bode well, but so far so good.

Had to do the shopping & then went to local GC to buy a reduced price Christmas tree! OH's choice, smaller than our existing, so I hope it's not too wide  for when we've got the new china cabinet in place. Who forgot to take measurements with her?  Daughter will have our old one for the bay window in her house. It means that she'll have to decorate all round it though. We have plenty of decorations to share between the 2 of us.

Whilst the light is good, am going to do some mending. Did loads outside yesterday so dont mind really. J.