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Howling wind, driving rain.

Rain, not too windy at the mo. Large branch came down in the night from conifer next door. Narrowly missed chicken run.


We had high winds and driving rain all day and night. It's still blustery, wet with thick grey skies and flipping depressing.


Windy and dull at the mo - might bake a cake !!!

Teesside is dry but dour, high winds, low clouds and guess what? it has started to rain as I write.
Lamb in the oven, veg ready to go, Yorkshires about to be mixed and not much likelyhood of getting into the garden, roll on May.


Getting girded up to go out and get some more guttering, going to sow some carrots and maybe some other stuff as getting fed up with not being able to sow directly. PennyDog will also be sporting her raincoat.

Just planted a feast of Lettuce and Rocket leaves for the SS between the onion sets, its windy, raining and a quagmire in my newly landscaped area since I have no paving down yet, but hey ho..chin up chaps.


wet,windy and grim, I will not be outside today, the fence pancels are wobbling back and forth they will need to be replaced soon, hopefully they will stay until I can replace them.


Manchester- heavy driving rain, from the East which is unusual for us. Strong winds too. The greenhouse roof panels still in place!

Temperature out there is actually dropping cf first thing this morning! J.

Shrinking Violet

Pouring with rain;  gusty winds;  temperature reads 4 C.  I shall do nothing in the garden today - except check the GH to make sure that all is OK and may have to water the seedlings etc. which seems perverse in this weather

Alina W

One word - wet.

Another word - vile.

The weather girl described it this morning in what she called "two words" -wet and windy-now I am no maths expert but..............


this morning at 6 it was dry by 8is it was very windy and by 9is it was raining and has not stopped it is now driving rain here in wales and l do not think it is going to get any better although l have not looked at the weather forcast for north wales


Awful! Suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Been out to my greenhouse to inspect my  seedlings and plantlets in detail. So far I can report no change since I inspected them last evening, but I'll pop out in an hour or two just to be sure they don't need attention.  



North Wales no better I'm told (husband and daughter gone to climbing wall as no chance of even a walk outdoors let alone finding dry rock - apparently only 2 deg. at 9am in Llanberis)

Absolutely atrocious here in Chester - v.wet, v.windy, v.cold.

Still, at least I've sown some more seeds, now where can I put them to keep them warm?


Light-bulb on in Kent, blues skies and windy but who cares about wind! It will dry my soil out faster.


Ha, I thought it was dying down a bit earlier! No chance. The lid to one coldframe has repeatedly 'flipped' despite bricks on top! The plants from there now been put into another coldframe, luckily empty, & the first just abandoned. Suspect the loose lid blowing around could drive me mad overnight if this wind continues- too close to bedroom window, drat!

I shall use it to have the woodland cactii in for over the summer months, then to the tip it shall go! Part of the plastic frame has snapped, so no point in trying to mend it. J.

Figrat and soggy doggy back from venture out to get guttering. Mission successful, but suddenly the thought of sawing it up and sowing seeds doesn't seem so attractive! Wind eased here ( south Devon) but still raining. Some of my climbing roses have taken a battering. Dwarf French beans looking smug and snug under their cloches.