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Pennine Petal
Looks cold out there this morning, snow on the ground still from Monday. Supposed to be going to minus 4 over next couple of days. Roll on the weekend so that I can stay in bed.

Yes, we've still got deep snow - about 8" - and it's bitterly cold - can't tell you how cold - I think a Christmas pressie from MIL might be a garden thermometer, but as we didn't get to hers for Christmas due to Norovirus, I've not got my pressie yet 

However, from this it looks as if we're in for some more soon, and those of you a bit west from here are going to get more than us from the looks of it   Good luck and stay warm and safe.

It seems a different world down here at moment. Especially in the west of the county. Bit damp, not too cold but I think dove is right.......snow is coming but we are all hoping it will be further east. Awful wet winter so far but far!

-7° in Dordogne. Snow is now frozen and crunchy. Pushing wheelbarrow with horses' hay very difficult. Photo is yesterday morning.

 We had norovirus here too around Christmas. OH had it, & 2 sons ans daughter-in-law.


West of central Manchester- it is 0C out there now & just trying to snow!

It was well below freezing again this morning, but warmer than at bedtime last night!

Have just topped up birdfeeders, given them fresh water & am staying inside! J.


Stockton frozen snow and cold mist, the sun is late up as I was then remembered the bins had to go out, It is getting brighter as I write.
Nice picture Lizzie sorry about the illness, we all had it too, as to the hay a pitch fork stuck into a bale and up on your shoulder was my way, luckily my Sons hay barn is three steps from the Stables so no problem.



Nr Lincoln.

Bright sunshine here this morning after very cold night. -3c at the moment, forecast to creep up to -1c today then - 6c tonight. Greenhouse plants not happy, although well insulated. just hope I can hang on to agapanthus that I replaced after losing all in 2010.



Warmer here today, ie around freezing point rather than -5. Hills have a mist on them - not good, But we can see them today.

I have my 2 agapanthus in the garage, they survuved last year in there. 

Bracing ourselves for this blzzard/white out they are forecasting for tomorrow

Bunny ...
The sun as just come out but still very cold .

Lizzie then a fireman's lift would be in order, some of the office girls at fire practice managed it.
Had to go out this morning driving up to Sedgefield and it is up all the way and on into Durham. It was beautiful with the white pristine fields tall hedges and trees pure white where the mist had settled and frozen. The sun was glinting off the frosted trees and lovely to see "err" from a car with air-con that is, nice toasted toes until I had to get out. Coming home nothing had shifted, the sun is sinking as I write and it gets even colder.


Caz W

Cold here but we have escaped the white stuff so far!  Only problem now is people will be out panic buying so dreading going to do normal shopping at weekend.  May have to resort to using dried milk and bread from freezer and manage with what we've got!


Temp not risen to freezing today, now the snow has started - lets hope not as much as they forecasters are suggesting, however the sky does look rahter full of it.  Need to keep close eye on fruit cage, lost one a few years ago from not taking the snow off the top - too expensive to play that game again - so far so good.  Birds very busy around feeders from now untl dark, then again in the morning - keeping water liquid is a problem, freezes as soon as you leave it, or the steam stops coming off.  anyone know of a product that helps with this? 

Keep warm everyone and take care of ypurselves on the roads and paths.  


I did spot a product at the GC yesterday that you could apparently add to bird baths to prevent/limit the freezing, but no idea of it's name, sorry. J.

jo4eyes wrote (see)

I did spot a product at the GC yesterday that you could apparently add to bird baths to prevent/limit the freezing, but no idea of it's name, sorry. J.

Don't bother getting it anybody,  I checked it out on Amazon and all the comments about say it's a complete waste of money and it only works up to -3c at the end of the day if the birds get desperate for a drink they will eat the snow not ideal I know but they will manage in fact I saw 3 of my Blackbirds doing that very thing this afternoon as the birdbath is frozen solid I try to keep a dish on the go but failed today.


Very cold here but no snow yet, think this thread might be interesting over the next few days.

Malvern Hills - snow here started about 6, very heavy, poor visibility.

Dogs enjoying it though Will post pic later.

Sorry Leggi, Stockton has boring old blue sky and sunshine, the snow is melting although still covering the lawns, we do have a warning for later but then most of the snow will have fallen on the west side of the country.



Malvern- from my front door

 car is parked where we skidded earlier!!