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The Fens; It was snowing lightly for hours this afternoon; seems to have stopped now. It doesn't feel as cold as it was earlier.

A light covering of snow here in the NW, we seem to have escaped the worst but it's

-1 tonight and snow forecast for the weekend.  Swept the paths back and front this evening.

Alina W

Snowing heavily in N. Yorks.

6 to 8 inches in the Chilterns, and still snowing gently. This afternoon the hill at the back of my house looked like Austria - covered in kids(and adults!) skiing and tobogganing - must have been a couple of hundred people out there. Just the job - a gentle ski down the slopes, straight down to the Marlow Brewery, housed in old barns, for a free glass of Rebellion Ale.
There's plenty of food, tinned and frozen, in the garage, so for the next few days, the cars can stay where they are, and we can enjoy the views and the silent roads.
Hope you all stay safe and warm!

dmball, sounds idyllic especially Rebellion Ale! Here in the Fens it is not snowing this morning, the 1.5 inches that fell yesterday is still there, roads look pretty clear, but I won't be venturing out onto ungritted roads.


Still over ankle deep and trying to snow again. I don't know about venturing out in car. as our little road is impassible. When we returned yesterday car skidded to a halt when we tried to get it on drive so we have left it there. - we live in a close though so no passing traffic!

Stockton had overnight snow although once I managed to get off the drive and onto the main road it was OK.
It is now dull and looks as if more snow on the way.



W.Manchester was below freezing, just, again this morning. No more snow overnight, but it keeps trying today. Not even reached 1C outside yet.The roads around had all been gritted, even the estate, so driving this morning fine.

Have fed the birds- lots around today. Loads of house & hedge sparrows earlier- great to see them again.

Now to get comfy with a seed catalogue, need to finalise my order. J.

The snow melted over night here and it's been alot milder today.

The weather map tells Teesside it has its own snow cloud hovering in the Tees bay ready to swoop as the bitter cold easterly wind drives it inland.
I did not really want to know that, it is dull with heavy cloud and just above freezing, what am I doing in the garden today Zilltch.
The oven is warming ready for a nice piece of Silverside and the trimmings, had visitors last night and more today.




Snow had all melted last night but it's all white again this morning. Here is my magnolia "Leonard Messel".



Just above freezing first thing & still out there. Quite windy & lots of bird activity on feeders. Lots of cloud, a dull January day.

I did notice the first light around the curtains this morning is getting earlier.

Seed order done, next job sometime soon is to find the propagator which is is the shed! J.

Steady snow here in the SE so no doubt everything will come to a standstill. I will put the bins out in anticipation of collection tomorrow but H&S will no doubt raise it's ugly head.

Malvern Hills - clear first thing but now snowing quite fast 

Light snow that doesnt seem to be settling at the mo,forcast is for more. Such fun.


Heavy snow here, just tempting everyone out for a walk...
Highland Jeannie

A bit dull & overcast here, after several days of bright sunshine, albeit cold, with the temp now about 1c.

Being January with clear night skies I have been expecting the temps to drop to minus double figures but have been having "only" down to about -5c.

Still no snow yet.

Our bin is going out & even with several inches of snow on it, it will be emptied, they have to really as snow is such a regular occurance here.

I really do have respect for the snowplough/gritter drivers; don't know how they do it as they drive on ungritted roads! Actually one did slip over a couple of years back, unfortunately it was on a narrow road with a steep hillside & it went over the edge. Luckily the driver was fine but recovering such a large, heavy vehicle up the slope was another matter! Makes me shudder just to think about it.

Ah well, on with the marmalade!

sunny, dry, no wind but cold.  prob 3 or 4 degrees.  no frost last night and no sign of snow.  expecting it to be colder tonight, maybe freezing.  if so, there are still areas of water on roads, etc., that will be dangerous first thing in the morning.  

North East Kent: Thick snow, not stopped since 4am! 3-5inches

Highland Jeannie's comment of snow-plough drivers remind me of a lovely man I met in Canada a couple of years ago. His winter job was driving a snow-plough on the roads on and around the Columbia Iceway, in the heart of the Rockies,above Banff.He told me that some days he was driving through the forests clearing up to ten feet of snow - and going out the next day to do the same thing. I asked him if much traffic used the roads and he said virtually none - some days he said the only signs of life were the bears that occasionally wandered across the road! I must remind myself when having a quiet moan, not just about the weather, that there is always, but always, somebody who is havings things so much harder than me!
So, no moaning, but it snowing again in the Chilterns - let's get out and enjoy it!