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Still snowing here. Heavier now! 

Very cold all day but no snow.

Frank.I'm due to travel up to Stockton mid week, how deep is the snow, don't relish the thought of driving and from the forecast this evening it sounds like you'll have snow most of the week .

Zoomer, at the moment the roads are gritted and clear.
heavy snow is forecast for tonight and tomorrow then freezing conditions with flurries of snow the rest of the week.
I will give you morning up dates.


Got snow in west Cornwall. Fast disappearing though

Zoomer, Stockton no overnight snow though it is trying now wet stuff.
Main Roads clear although side roads like mine very icy.
A66 closed at Brough on radio.




We've actually got sun at the mo! WManchester.

Had more snow overnight, still not a lot, & it's still snowing as well as the sun! Was below freezing again at first light. Birds have their first food top-up of the day. Will give them afters later.

No need to move cars around until Wednesday afternoon, so hope the gritter lorry repeats it's trip down our road. J.


A little brighter here in Worcs but is still attempting to spill some of the white stuff on us Main roads are clear.

Just fed birds, little tracks all over the place.

Bunny ...
Snow here and still snowing .
Sunshine at present, but don't think it will be there long enough to smelt the few centimetres of snow which, of course, has caused chaos here in the SE. Schools closed, trains not running, binmen not been. Why am I not surprised. However, the milkman was here by 6 and postman managed it too, as they always do.
Bunny ...
Our bin men came today and recycling as they always manage whatever the depth of snow, non gritted roads and steep hills.
I think we only produce wimps here in the SE! I am on a bus route so road always gritted. Apparently, it's down to H&S as the binmen might slip and hurt themselves!

Rose, it is not for us Northerners to comment although in the bad winter we had a couple of years back the binmen did not lose a day or even an hour and on top of that the lads always push my bin behind the gate, our roads never get gritted and at the moment we could skate on them and probably better than some of the Skating on Ice performers last night.


Highland Jeannie

Still no snow, but had to be in & out a bit today & it's really cold & unpleasant. Although the car was showing 2c the wind makes it feel much much colder. Very overcast too; was very pleased to get indoors!

Island gardener

Hi, not posted on here before.  Have just been reading about all your weather!!  I am on the Isle of Man, North of the Island and we have been very lucky so far.  Lots of snow in the South of the Island but none settled here yet.  Keep getting snow flurrys but it is not settling.  Spent yesterday and today in the greenhouse repotting cuttings etc.  Emptied out some pots of Hydrangea cuttings I took last year and all but one of them had loads of vine weevil in them.  Luckily there are still some (short) roots left so I have repotted them and keeping fingers crossed.  Added some of that Rootgrow so should be ok.   I was so lucky last week.  We had a couple of dry days and nights so on Wednesday I cut the grass and did the edging.  It looks so good and really makes me feel good everytime I look out there.  I have a cordless lawnmower so it is nice and light which made a difference I think.  Hope everyone's snow soon goes away.  Made me shiver reading all your posts.  June

Bunny ...
Perhaps you could lend us some of your weather island gardener , a lovely climate over there.



Snow melted now in Dordogne, rained most of the day with patches of blue sky for fleeting moments in between. Ground absolutely sodden.

Snow with an easterly wind on Friday - created lots of drifts but not so much actual depth on the ground - however, last night changed things quite a bit & now there's approx 5" + drifts. 


Of course, as is the way of things, it was snowing again this morning when the logs were delivered.  I'd cleared the snow so they could dump the load on the ground (Pa's old muck shovel - remember those, Frank?- came in handy) but I had to cover most of the load  because I couldn't stack the logs under cover quickly enough..........  guess what I'll have to do tomorrow..........



Cold here, snow overnight but it only settled on the cars.

Frank.Thanks for the update, I'm thinking of not making the trip by car if the A66 is partially closed. The drive over Shap can be perilous too and it's forecast fog which is not nice to drive in on the motorway especially when it's dark. An alternative would be the train but that seems to take forever with a 45 min wait at Carlisle. The trips arranged for Wednesday.

Bunny ...
When are you travelling zoomer44 ? My other half heading south (stoke ) tomorrow can let you know how shap is. Brough and stainmore was closed and due more snow tonight and tomorrow.

Thanks, Bunnysgarden. I usually come on line at about this time most evenings so will check the weather thread tomorrow.  Feel I'm in safe hands with yourself and Frank on the case 

I'm travelling Wednesday.